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I think the most critical component of a law school application is the story you tell through your personal statement, resume, and, if applicable, your diversity statement and interview. Every applicant has a story and a set of experiences that has driven him or her to choose a legal education. Some experiences might be more glamorous or challenging than others, but all applicants' stories share a common theme: they drove the applicant to apply to law school. One's explanation of "why" these experiences had that effect can make or break an application. Even the most qualified, "cookie-cutter" law school applicants need to demonstrate with clarity and passion why their experiences have led them to choose a legal education.

I sought out Spivey Consulting after I had taken the LSAT but before I began the rest of the application process. I was a candidate aiming for HYS, but my raw numbers put my chances at getting accepted into any of the three at 10-15%. Given my numbers, I knew that my application very much needed to be in my voice in order to have any chance of acceptance at HYS. Spivey Consulting ensured that my application was not merely a collection of documents and essays but rather a meaningful and authentic story that helped admissions committees understand the person that I am - the experiences driving me to attend law school - and why I am fit for their law school.

I worked with Karen, an incredible resource who exceeded my expectations throughout the application process. Whether I was updating my resume, brainstorming essay topics, drafting and re-drafting (and re-drafting...) essays, or prepping for interviews, Karen was my go-to resource to discuss questions and have them answered promptly. I felt assured knowing I could trust Karen's advice (unlike the "advice" one can find on dozens of blogs, forums, etc.) because of her experience in the field. Indeed, one of the best reasons to work with Spivey Consulting is the team's decades of combined experience at admissions offices in the most elite law schools. I distinctly remember an instance where I had a question specific to one of the roughly ten law schools I was applying to. Karen has a colleague who previously worked in admissions at that law school, and Karen was able to consult that colleague in order to get me the best answer.

Most importantly, I never felt as if Karen was trying to change my story or force things into my application. After a few discussions about my resume and potential essay topics, I knew with certainty what story I wanted to tell admissions committees; the challenge was communicating that story through my application. Thus, whenever I sought Karen's guidance, her goal was not to impose her wishes but rather to fine-tune my application such that my story was told in the most authentic and meaningful way possible.

I was ultimately accepted to one of HYS and waitlisted at another. Six other schools I applied to all offered me admission (a majority of them with merit aid), including Chicago, Columbia, and NYU. Given my numbers, the success of my application was the exception and not the norm; I have no doubts that this exceptional success would not have been possible without the guidance of Karen and the rest of the team at Spivey Consulting. They are a priceless resource for anyone applying to law school.