For Immediate Release: Dean Craig Boise Set to Join Spivey Consulting Group

The Spivey Consulting Group is thrilled to announce that Dean Craig Boise will be joining us as a Dean's Leadership Coach to help law school deans navigate the complexities of generating new program revenue, improving business operations, addressing budget issues, and successfully raising money. You can read Craig's bio here.

Our firm has developed a national reputation for impactful and precise ways of helping departments under the dean—particularly admissions, career services, marketing, and ranking strategy—but we have long sought a program to help law deans and new deans directly. We will now have it with Craig.

This program is slated to launch in the 2023 spring semester, and we are working with Dean Boise to identify a specific date that is consistent with his continuing commitments as a sitting dean and his work with the ABA Council. You can reserve a spot right now by emailing us at Our first two clients will receive a steeply discounted rate with no upfront payment.

Craig is a consummate professional with a calming and thoughtful approach. His more than a decade of experience as a dean and reputation for a principled and collaborative approach to leadership is an ideal match with what we have always aspired for at Spivey Consulting—to deliver value-added programs for law schools that look to create sustainable success in an increasingly complex environment of leadership challenges. We encourage any dean interested to reach out to us directly to set up a call. We think that this program will add tremendous value at a relatively low cost and look forward to launching it soon!