Law Schools Revealed: Boston University Law

*** This is the first in what we hope will be an ongoing series where current students share their candid feelings about their law schools, for prospective and future students.  A special note to all current law students --please send us yours at and we will add to the series! We will tweet regularly at*

BU Law

In terms of the school, I’d say it’s a great place: the kids are all real bright & definitely a diverse group of kids in terms of geographic locations of hometowns & colleges (more so than I think you’d get at let’s say Fordham). Also a good mix of normal kids who socialize and go out, which is definitely necessary in law school (though obviously your run of strange people). Professors are great and are consistently ranked real high in the princeton review. The only major complaint I had is something you won’t be dealing with. They’re finishing construction on the new building which will be open next fall, which means that the (1) There’s a lot of construction going on & (2) the current building isn’t the best. But the new building looks amazing (and only admitted students get tours, not current students, pretty messed up). But that should be a huge plus. Anyway, obviously I don’t know what the culture is like at other schools, but people are down to earth and friendly, and while people tense up near finals, it’s nothing crazy. One reason I personally chose BU was b/c of the national reputation (more than half of grads leave Boston). There’s definitely a focus on big firms that are in Boston, but more because those firms are local and can come in for events. But they have on campus interviews before second year in every major city, plus many of the big Boston firms have offices in other cities. I also liked that they have a program you can do 2nd or 3rd year to work for a semester instead of taking classes (lot of NY & DC, where I want to be). Rankings-wise, it depends where you want to practice & what kind of law you want to do, but BU has been around 25 for the last 5 years & should only improve w/ the new building. So outside of the T14 schools, it definitely has a lot of respect w/ firms.

-Current BU Law Student