Law schools that have announced they will be fully or primarily remote this fall

Updated as of 8/13/20

We're compiling a list of law schools that are fully or primarily online for the Fall 2020 semester.

There are two lists: those schools which are entirely online, and those that are "primarily" online. The fully online list is self-explanatory. There are a large number of schools who have moved to an online model as the default/primarily method, but are offering some very limited in person opportunities. At these institutions so few on campus opportunities will be available we feel they deserve to be listed, separately from the entirely online schools.

The default/primarily online list is distinct from schools with "hybrid" options which still plan to offer significant in person opportunities.

Links to announcements or related documentation will be included when possible.

If you are aware of a school not on this list that is fully or primarily online, please email us at

Fully Online

Default/Primarily Online