Self-Care Summer for Law School, College & Graduate School

Linked below are three podcasts from internationally acclaimed psychiatrists, speakers and authors: Dr. Guy Winch, Dr. Gabor Maté, and Dr. Kristin Neff (and a blog from me for no great reason).

Between the three, they have done countless TV interviews, 4 TED Talk speeches with over 25 million views, published 9 highly acclaimed and best-selling books, and have incredible respect and understanding in the field of metal well-being.

Dr. Guy Winch (on handling rejection and waiting)

Dr. Gabor Mate (on self-esteem, doubt, anxiety and addiction)

Dr. Kristin Neff (on self-compassion and self-esteem and motivation for test-taking)

Hopefully great summer listening before you start your law school, college graduate school, or application process.

"You are the greatest project you will ever work on"

– Mike