Success Packages

For prospective students applying in the 2012/2012 admissions cycle, there are two niche packages Spivey Consulting offers that are rated based on outcomes. These are for:

  1. Students applying for Transfer Admissions.

  2. Students who have been waitlisted.

For each of these scenarios, we charge a nominal fee of $200 for the work on the clients behalf and then only charge a second fee based on positive results. Prices still vary based on the scenario; for example  if you are likely to get admitted off the waitlist without much help I charge considerably less than for “reach” schools.  That said, thus far we have had a great deal of success with “reach” schools in this year’s admissions cycle! So far, every client of Spivey Consulting who has heard from a school had been admitted to one of their top 2 schools.

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