Breaking News: LSAC to add new section to LSAT starting Sept., 2014

A quick heads-up from our sources inside LSAC. Starting this Sept, 2014′s test administration ( ) The Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) will be adding a new dimension to their test.  This will be an additional 35 minutes — and will not replace, but rather compliment,  the existing sections. The new test-area will be on visual-spatial intelligence,  developed in partnership with The National Science Foundation (, a long-time leading agency in the use of visual-spatial intelligence testing and psychometric scoring.

We don’t have the entire report from LSAC yet, but our understanding is that at each test center, each test-taker will be given a unique “aptitude kit” upon entering the test-room. No other kit in that room will be the same and the test-taker can not open the kit until the visual-spatial section begins. This kit will consist of 22 geometric objects and will [likely]encompass the following categories of problem solving:

  • Keyhole (fit object into corresponding keyhole)

  • Cube Counting (presents you with several stacks of cubes. Each stack is constructed by cementing together identical cubes. You are asked to imagine that the stack as a whole is painted on all sides except for the bottom. Then, you are asked to determine how many cubes have a particular number of sides painted.

  • Pattern Folding (in pattern folding questions, a flat pattern is presented and you are asked to select the 3-D figure into which it folds)

Again, per our sources, this added dimension is inspired by the Perceptual Ability Test on the DAT, but this section will be tested with actual 3 dimensional objects to reveal Total Object Yield Scores.  It is important to note that the use of measuring devices will not be allowed and this section, and special accommodations will be available to visually impaired individuals.

LSAC is expected to announce the new section sometime later this month, and will simultaneously release test preparation materials for the new section. Further information about the new section will appear online and in the printed 2014-2015 Official LSAT SuperPrep, to be distributed in June 2014.