True story: Email from [soon to be fired] first year associate at BigLaw

From: First Year Fool

Sent: Monday, February 21, 2011 3:47 PM

TO: [Winnng Partner]; Attorneys All

Subject: RE: Washington Redskins Victory


this email is meant neither to rouse some rabble or down some debbies or outcrunch some crunchies. quite the opposite – i get excited whenever i get victory emails (and even replies to victory emails). this is/was an interesting case that i know (well, i guess i don’t know, exactly, but i think) turned on issues not related to whether or not native americans were being slighted by the redskins mascot. but i feel compelled to the point i’m willing to write (and i’m from iowa so imposition is a slow, agonizing death) with a request that we might take a moment (water fountain break, going to nelly and claire’s shop downstairs, getting printouts) to think about how many people (native americans, americans, non-native americans, non-american natives) are bummed today because a mascot they find offensive remains on the second column of the sports page and on a kid’s hat and on espn’s score ticker (and, to a lesser extent, on cnn headline sport’s score ticker).

obviously in writing this email, my end position on this matter is pretty clear, but i still, at times, try to make sense of whether or not the mascot is /that/ offensive or even that important an issue to fight. in saying that, i’m just saying i’m willing to chat about it to make sense of it, and i hope others are as well.

and i’ll leave on something cheesy: it’s incredibly humbling and gratifying to work at quinn, but i really hope america’s firm will be native america’s firm as well. (that’s soooooooooooo dorky, but eh.)

earnest congratulations on the win, for reals, and i hope everyone has a fun weekend!

– [redacted]

There are two sad things here:

(1) This idiot got fired. Actually, I do not even find that sad.

(2) When I was an Assistant Dean I got various emails like this, often to a group of people, with too much frequency. Moreover (and worse) hiring partners would send me emails like this with too much frequency.

My next blog is going to be on cold-emails. Please, please, never do something like this. Please.