Video of Law School Class: Law and Leadership

This is a wonderful hour and a half on what it is like to run a firm, shape a culture for collegues, build a business, and practice law in a meaningful way discussed by Co-Chair Paul Singerman of Berger Singerman.
It builds and builds to highlight:

-Core Values that matter for an effective and efficient firm.
-What does "delivering" mean to a firm?
-How competetive lawyers can collaborate.
-Why clients would hire your firm over many others.
-How to work long hours and maintain work/life balance (there's an entire section dedicated to mindfulness)
-What are the two things that coud get you automatically fired at a firm?
-Should you go to law school? (asked by Mike Spivey sitting in the class)
-and much more...

Moderated by Dean Laura Rosenbury of The University of Florda Levin College of Law, (with adept diplomancy by Paul's wife Marte) it is required viewing for us at Spivey Consulting and I hope you listen and watch too, I promise this will exceed your expectations as you dig in deep

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