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I hired Spivey Consulting because they stood alone in regard to their volume of knowledge and admissions experience. The investment paid off many times over — during a very difficult cycle I was admitted to my dream school in the top 10. Spivey doesn't just help you craft a stand-out application, they spend a great deal of time assessing you and then coaching you for each school based on their close knowledge of the individual admissions offices. What I think Spivey did that was particularly wonderful is that we really worked together in sync for months — but also parts of my application were shared with Spivey team members who were former admissions officers at the elite schools I was applying to. I thought that was unique to be able to have easy access to such a breadth of people and experiences.The consulting is thus tailor-made, incredibly sophisticated and professional and, most importantly, I could tell they were deeply committed to my success.