Consulting for Law Schools

As a team, we have more than 100 years of experience in senior level law school administration, and we are fortunate to have helped the schools that we have worked for rise in the USNWR rankings when we were there. We don’t say this to take individual credit for our roles in the schools’ successes, but rather to highlight that while at Harvard, Columbia, Chicago, Penn, Vanderbilt, Washington University in St. Louis, Colorado and many other law schools we learned from some of the best leadership teams in legal education.

We have seen firsthand how multiple departments working together, rather than as separate fiefdoms, contribute considerably to improving a law school as a whole.

We have been a part of some of the very best practices at the strategic level implemented in Admissions, Career Services, and Communications Departments — and we have taken these best practices to the 15 law schools for which we have provided in-person consulting services. Additionally, we have consulted over the phone with approximately a dozen more schools.

One of our most recent admissions engagement led to the law school being "up" in applications more than any other school for that cycle — over 90% with a +3 median LSAT gain, a GPA gain of a full tenth of a point, and brought in their most diverse class ever, all in a down cycle. Additionally, the three most recent schools we consulted for jumped a combined 30 places in the most recent USNWR rankings.

Our consulting services are individually tailored to focus on re-engineering the efforts of Admissions, Career Services, and Communications Departments to meet rapidly changing legal education and employment demands.

Specifically, our services include:

  • Analysis of law school wide departmental strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT)
  • SWOT analysis of individual law school departments
  • USNWR Rankings Understanding and Improvement
  • ABA Accreditation Assistance
  • Senior-Level Administrator Job Search Assistance
  • Seminars on Understanding Social Media
  • Seminars for current students on How to Network and Job Searches

A typical consulting engagement would consist of our team spending 2-5 days onsite meeting with a wide variety of law school stakeholders, then providing a data-centric report with action steps for improvement in each department. This report is as deep as it is thorough, and includes extensive competitor benchmarking and industry analysis. Our track record has been impeccable, and all of our past law school clients are able to attest to the value added we bring.