14 Aug 2019

Preliminary July LSAT Numbers

LSAC hasn't released final July numbers yet, but they did give a preliminary update and we are now starting to get some real data for this upcoming cycle.

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27 Jun 2019

Some Post June LSAT Numbers

So we do have some post-June information now that LSAC has updated their data with the scores from that test.

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22 Jun 2019

LSAC Updates

NAPLA Conference LSAC Slide Show A member of Spivey Consulting was in attendance at the Northeast Association of Pre Law Advisers conference these past few days. LSAC presented updates, and we have pictures of the slides to share, as well as other comments they made. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes and Takeaways July Test * They mentioned that 28,000+ registered for July, which was welcome since they were hoping for a large pool t

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17 Jun 2019

LSAT Retake Rules and You

The New Rules As was initially reported, LSAC is updating their policy on LSAT retakes, to take effect starting with the September 2019 administration. You can read the full policy here [] , but we'll summari

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03 Jun 2019

Why You Probably Shouldn't Cancel Your June LSAT Score

First of all, congratulations to all June LSAT test takers. It's over, it's done, go crack a beer or indulge in some ice cream. Or both, who are we to tell you what to do? And above all, take a day to think about literally anything but the LSAT. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why Shouldn't I Cancel? Once you're done relaxing, it's time to think about the test and your next steps. Invariably after each LSAT administration we see many hundreds

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01 Jun 2019

July LSAT Update- some huge numbers

We have breaking and what amounts to record-setting news, although it's not the kind of "record-setting news" that applicants generally want to hear. But, we will put that in context (because it is a bit misleading) after the news, which is as follows: July 2019 LSAT registrants have reached 20,000. For context, on May 7th we reported July registrant numbers of 11,500. These new numbers represent an almost 75 percent increase in registrants since then; and there are still a few days left to sig

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22 May 2019

The July 2019 LSAT: A Steal of a Deal

The registration deadline for the July LSAT administration is fast approaching. If you want to take this test you'll need to sign up by June 4th- the day after the June LSAT administration. General information about registering for July can be found here [] . FYI, LSAC has recently raised registration fees [

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07 May 2019

June and July LSAT Registrant Data

We were lucky enough to get some great data on upcoming LSAT administration numbers, and we want to share it with you. We've got some analysis for you, a little bit of a teaser for next cycle, and great input from Dave Killoran of Powerscore, who aside from his obvious LSAT expertise has been closely tracking the shift to a digital LSAT. Without further ado: final June 2019 LSAT registrations are slightly below 24,000. Last year, 22,489 applicants took the June LSAT. As we currently only hav

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26 Mar 2019

2019-2020 LSAT & The Transition to Digital: What to Expect

With the upcoming shifts LSAC will be making to the LSAT, we wanted to lay out all of the dates the test is available for the 2019-2020 cycle along with all of the information we know about them, especially the July transition to the digital test. * Monday, June 3, 2019 at 12:30 PM — this is the last traditional, on-paper LSAT administration, and it will be "disclosed" (i.e. you will be able to see the questions and which answers/how many you got right and wrong for each section). Th

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08 Dec 2018

How many times can you take the LSAT in a 3 year period?

To be brief, the answer is "unlimited" or technically "limited only by how many tests there will administered in a three year period" and has been since September of 2017. Before then there was a limiting number, and there is still a good deal of bad information out there about that old policy, hence this incredibly brief blog. Again, there is no longer a policy limiting takes, and you can take it and keep taking it. Whether you should is a bit more nuanced [

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