2022 U.S. News Law School Rankings Predictions

Spivey Consulting's Business Intelligence Director, Justin Kane, analyzed a great deal of law school data to calculate our predicted 2022 U.S. News & World Report law school rankings, below. Remember, these are just predictions! We do not plan to leak the actual U.S. News rankings this year. Additionally, please note that these predictions are based only on publicly available data, and there is a good deal of private data that does not factor into our predictions — over 50% of the rankings comes from that private data.

Disclaimer: Let me emphasize that these are based only on publicly available data, that they won't be 100% accurate, that rankings themselves in no way reflect what is best for you, and that I just got off an hour podcast interview with an individual who went to HLS and has hired hundreds of students into BigLaw who said rankings are way over-emphasized and that your career is what you make of it, not where you went to school. I asked him if his career would have been different if he went to a school not in the top 3, 6, etc., and with complete sincerity he said "absolutely not." Point being, please don't let these flawed predictions about this flawed rankings system influence anyone's decision in the slightest bit. –Mike Spivey

Note: These predictions were made before it was known U.S. News had changed their ranking formula. Because the predictions rely on comparisons to prior years, they're not likely to be as accurate after the change.

(1) Yale
(2) Stanford
(3) Harvard
(4) Columbia
(4) Chicago
(6) New York University
(7) Penn
(8) University of Virginia
(9) University of California- Berkeley
(9) Northwestern
(11) University of Michigan
(11) Duke
(13) Cornell
(13) Georgetown
(15) University of California- Los Angeles
(16) Washington University in St. Louis
(17) University of Texas- Austin
(17) Vanderbilt
(17) University of Southern California
(20) Boston University
(21) University of Minnesota
(22) Notre Dame
(23) University of Florida
(23) George Washington University
(25) University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill
(25) Arizona State University
(27) University of Georgia
(27) University of California- Irvine
(29) University of Iowa
(29) Emory
(29) Fordham
(29) Boston College