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Spivey Consulting Group is the premier law school admissions consulting firm, with collectively more than 250 years of law school admissions experience across our team. Our consultants are former admissions officers from law schools including Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Chicago, Penn, Michigan, Duke, Northwestern, UCLA, and more, and our mission is to help you get admitted to your dream school.

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Our consulting is simple, personable, and custom. You still have to do the work, but we can give you a map.

JD Admissions Consulting

We have devoted our time and expertise to helping applicants get into the law schools of their dreams. With our JD Admissions Consulting services, you work one-on-one with one of our experienced admissions experts to help you create and implement an individualized application strategy based on your background and goals.

JD Admissions Consulting

Consulting for Law Schools, Colleges, & Universities

In higher education administration, oftentimes the pace of day-to-day management and problem-solving doesn't allow for higher-level benchmarking and creative idea generation. With our consulting services, we bring an outside and data-centric perspective along with best industry practices and unique strategies to each school with whom we consult.

Consulting for Schools

LLM Admissions Consulting

Our LLM admissions specialist can assist you with every step of the process of gaining admittance to prestigious LLM programs at U.S. law schools, including assistance with your personal statement, resume, letters of recommendation, interviews, scholarships, and overall communication with law schools.

LLM Admissions Consulting

Pre-L Law School Prep Classes

From outlining to issue-spotter exams to forced curves, the structure of law school courses is fundamentally different from that of the vast majority of undergraduate classes. As a result, a significant part of many 1Ls' learning curve is just figuring out those differences and how to manage them. With Pre-L, you can ensure that you’re ready to hit the ground running on day one.

Pre-L Prep

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09 Apr 2024

U.S. News Law School Rankings: 2024 vs. 2023 (+/-)

With the embargo lifted at 12:01 ET today, here are the full U.S. News law school rankings.

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New U.S. News Top 25 Law Schools 2024-2025 (with +/-)

Here are the new 2024-2025 U.S. News top 25 law schools.

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03 Apr 2024

Podcast: The New LSAT & The Elimination of Logic Games, with PowerScore's Dave Killoran

In this episode of Status Check with Spivey, Anna Hicks-Jaco has a conversation with PowerScore Founder & CEO Dave Killoran about the removal of the Logic Games section of the LSAT, the new writing section, and what all this might mean for the future of the law school admissions.

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09 Apr 2024

Podcast: The New 2024 Law School Rankings Explained

In this brief episode of Status Check with Spivey, Mike discusses the changes U.S. News made to their methodology this year.

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20 Mar 2024

Podcast: First-Gen Students - What We Wish We'd Known as Applicants, Law Students, & Young Lawyers

In this episode of Status Check with Spivey, five Spivey consultants discuss their experiences as first-generation college students, law students, and lawyers, with a particular focus on passing along advice and knowledge that they wish they had known.

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04 Mar 2024

Podcast: Why Rankings Matter to People (& Why They Should Not)

In this episode of Status Check with Spivey, Mike discusses some of the psychological and societal reasons that rankings seem to matter so much to people—then explains the reasons that they shouldn't matter as much as they do.

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