5 Examples of Exceptionally Written Letters

If you are a fan of writing, of well-written letters, or have to write one yourself (it is all but assured you will), check out these 5.

But also, one day soon you will have to write a cover letter. So I wanted to include this amazing story from a young Chris Hardwick (a personal hero of sorts of mine) to Tom Hanks. In 2012, Hardwick had the idea to attempt to coax Tom Hanks into appearing on his show by sending him a rare 1934 Smith Corona typewriter. Hanks, an avid typewriter collector, sent back this letter to Chris:

Dear Chris, Ashley, and all the diabolical genuies at Nerdist Industries.

Just who do you think you are to try to bribe me into an appearance on your ‘thing’ with this gift of the most fantastic Cornona Silent typewriter made in 1934?

You are out of your minds if you think… that I… wow, this thing has great action… and this deep crimson color… Wait! I’m not so shallow as to… and it types nearly silently…


I will have my people contact yours and work out some kind of interview process…

Damn you all to hell,
Tom Hanks