A brief note on doing admissions consulting the right way

Just about every week we talk to people who we do not believe we can substantially help, or we are not convinced should go to law school. We tell them exactly this. There are many reasons we do this, but they all boil down to the simple fact that we would much rather help others, and help others the right way, than have someone send us a check. Talk is cheap, though, and what matters is that we live it. So I thought someone else telling us that we are doing just that — practicing the integrity that we preach, both in the admissions process and to ourselves — was a great email to get. So much so, I feel compelled to share it.

We get a nice number of “thanking you so much for getting me into my top law school” notes” but this one has a special meaning to us:


I was reading your thread on TLS and decided to write you a note to thank you for your time.

Other admission counselors are making promises to get people with really low stats into law schools and it looks like scam to me. I saw you turning some people away and you are not afraid to give out free advice. Both your blog and your responses on TLS are invaluable resource for prospective students.

You really stand out among other admission counselors and I’ll be sure to contact you next year when I’m ready to apply. I just hope you rates won’t go up too much!

Thank you again for all the work that you do,