A Message From Spivey Consulting

Yesterday, I shared this message with our great team at Spivey Consulting along with a small group of people who we consider mentors to our business; deans of law schools admissions officers, college presidents, and legal professionals. Today I’d like to share the same message with you:

Dear Friends,

Roughly two years ago we launched Spivey Consulting. In that initial month, July of 2012, 21 people visited our website. Last year we had 2,357 visitors in the month of July. This year that number spiked to 5,888. The leading referral source is Google searches, and we have yet to spend a penny on advertising. We resisted this temptation early, because we wanted to keep our prices lower than that of the more expensive consultants in this space and we have aggressively fought any form of overhead to do so. While we consider our experience – more than 35 years combined in law school administration – to be at the highest end of law school consultants, we still continually look for new ways to keep prices down.

Our 2013/14 admissions cycle has nearly reached its conclusion. We are sending our greatest number of clients to Harvard, followed by Penn and Michigan. We have clients matriculating to virtually every top 20 law school, and clients admitted to every top 50 school. On the transfer admissions front, 100% of our transfer clients hit their targets. This means that we charge transfer clients only 50% of the fee upfront, they name the school(s) they would most like to attend, and only pay the second 50% if they are admitted to their goal schools. Every one of those transfer clients hit their targets.

We are already nearly at capacity for the next cycle and looking to add new services, such as a pre-law program to help students prepare for the rigors and structure of legal writing and to get a leg up on their peers before they even enter law school. I cannot express enough how much we appreciate your support and promise that we will return that support by continuing to do everything we can to maximize the success of our clients.

Many thanks,