A never seen before LSAT addendum

Dear Admissions Committee,

In application section 13.2 I am asked if my standardized test scores have been predictive of my success in school, and particularly if my LSAT score is for law school. I scored a 165 and would like to have scored higher, as I know your median LSAT is a 167, and you are my top school. But my highestest test scores were also at 165. So that seems about accurate to me. While I think my combined LSAT plus my undergraduate GPA of a 3.91 together is more predictive of my future success in law school than the LSAT alone, I have to say that my LSAT score probably is too. I have never been to law school, so I honestly cannot say that I know better than a test that has been utilized since 1948 how I will do. I know that I really want to go to your school and that I am going to work exceptionally hard — as hard is it takes to do well. But I imagine the LSAT has some ability to assess how I will do as well, so I do not dispute my score at all. I’m pretty sure it is a good test, internally consistent, and that their psychometricians are great dancers at LSAC conferences.

Please note: we are not saying you should do this. We certainly aren’t saying it would override anything you’ve written, or apply to anyone in particular. But in over 100 years combined admissions experience, we have never seen one quite like this, so thought we’d write one up. And there is a lot of waiting for admissions decisions going on, so we thought you might enjoy the distraction.