About this super early December 2017 test score release...

Just a quick FYI, because as this is the earliest LSAC has released test scores in 9 years, there is a bit of mystery as to what it means.

Surprisingly, it actually very likely means nothing is different for the vast majority of schools as far as timelines are concerned.

Here's why. Most (or almost all maybe) admissions offices at law schools close after today and until Jan. 2nd. They high likely won't get YOUR December scores today when you get them (although some will try -- indeed my friend Dean Z. at Michigan Law went over all of this with me this morning and I know she will see if getting the LSAC data dump is possible so she can read files over the holidays -- lucky her!). But the assumption is that just isn't possible.

So when will all schools closed until January 2nd get your scores? You guessed it! The working assumption is January 2nd. You'll know and thus you can have a different holiday break than anticipated. But we don't think timelines have changed at all. Much ado about nothing, in other words.