Director of Career Services - Job Opening

Director of Career Services, Syracuse University College of Law

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This position is the motivator and driver for all career services related activities at the College of Law.

The Director will lead a team of 3. This includes student engagement, employer relations and complete post-graduation employment data collection. The position requires a keen understanding of the rules and requirements as well as the ability to think innovatively on ways to engage core constituencies including students, alumni and other employers. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work with diverse groups are a must as are public presentation skills and effective team management.


  • Bachelor’s degree required.
  • Juris Doctor preferred.
  • Law license and prior law practice preferred.
  • Active engagement with bar association(s) and other attorneys’ groups strongly encouraged.
  • Extensive knowledge of the legal marketplace, economic trends, non-traditional settings and the ABA (American Bar Association) rules is a plus.
  • High-level public speaking skills required.
  • Strong writing and research skills required.
  • Top-notch interpersonal skills, which allow for effective team management in setting which has periods of high stress and pressure.
  • Requires long-range planning capabilities as well as keen problem-solving skills.
  • The ability to work with students under stress in a supportive and strong fashion is required.


  • Employer Relations – Develop and manage employer relations and outreach initiatives in collaboration with Assistant Dean of Advancement and External Relations. Form strategic partnerships with core constituencies including faculty, alumni, administrators, employed 3Ls, University partners and new graduates. Develop new relationships with additional attorneys and hiring managers outside of alumni base. Ensure office is engaged and aware of diversity & inclusion as well as veterans hiring initiatives. Maintain current relationships and respond to requests. Work closely with College of Law Office of Advancement on events with alumni and outside groups. Work to increase reach of office by joining and participating in bar associations and other attorney organizations and/or speaking at professional events to develop brand recognition and opportunities.
  • Student Counseling – Meet with students and new graduates to assist in developing strategic career plans. Guide students and new graduates in issues pertaining to legal marketplace. Provide guidance, networking connections, suggestions, edits and other information necessary to each individual’s search. Significant emphasis on 3L and post-graduate counseling to assist with post-graduate outcomes.
  • Office/Team Management – Manage and empower the Career Services team. Oversee team projects. Motivate team in setting and accomplishing goals. Ensure delivery of excellent services. Manage day-to-day operation of office staff including assignments, workflow, time sheets and time-off requests. Oversee budget process and ensure office stays within budget. Make budget requests as needed.
  • Data Collection & Statistical Reporting – Drive the collection and reporting of data to accrediting bodies including annual American Bar Association (ABA) required employment data collection process. Motivate team to collect data. Ensure excellent quality data is delivered to ABA and other entities.
  • Resource Development – Plan, implement and lead program for 1L class (currently called 21st Century Lawyering). Develop and facilitate programming for Career Services and in conjunction with other partners including Advancement and bar associations. Produce high quality written materials to assist students in the job search process. Direct and oversee video projects to give students on-demand access to resources, which will increase the value of the one-to-one counseling experience. Develop plan for increasing such resources and distribute workload effectively amongst team members. Plan, organize and speak at student and alumni driven programming.