Feb LSAT: What's important now

Below is an email I just sent to a client (with a few changes for confidentiality), which was in response to triple checking with a school to make sure they would honor an exemption they gave her. To her credit, she immediately got what I was saying...despite my comically poor analogy (included below).

We are seeing many more people this year worry deeply about things completely out of their control, and right before the looming test. So I thought I would include here, in case it helps you too.

From how I am reading this, I believe you are asking: "Can I trust them to do what they told me they would do?"

The answer is that you have no other choice, right? IE. If you board a plane from JFK that says it is going to LA, you at some point sorta have to take their word for it that they are indeed going to LA. If you send a note to the captain asking him/her if this is the case, it's likely going to worry them more than help you (hence the analogy).

Does this make sense? There are many things you can't control right now -- but you can control your focus on What's Important Now (it spells WIN hence the capitalization) Win on the LSAT, you've taken care of all else you need.


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