First look at the 2014-2-15 Application Cycle!

# The following is a breakdown of ABA 2015 applicants and applications by region (based on data received through 11/28/14) and the percent change from last year:

Applicants                                                                Applications

Region# Pct Chg# Pct Chg
Far West1,408-10.4%10,324-9.6%
Great Lakes1,601-7.8%11,144-10.6%
Midwest393 -6.9%2,4512.1%
Mountain West543 -5.1%3,363-4.8%
New England553 -9.5%6,231-10.0%
Northwest314 -9.0%1,194-17.5%
South Central1,181-6.3%3,811-4.5%
Regional Total10,761-9.2%
Other*654 3.5%
  • Other includes not available or is outside the United States.

Last year at this time, we had 23% of the preliminary final applicant count.

Currently there are 7 schools with an application volume increase of 40% or more, while 19 schools show a volume decrease of 30% or more. Fifty-two schools show an increase in applications, while 146 show a decline and 3 show no change. A more detailed breakdown of school increases/decreases is shown below:
Increase of 100% or more:1
Increase of 50% to 99%:3
Increase of 40% to 49%:3
Increase of 30% to 39%:1
Increase of 20% to 29%:4
Increase of 10% to 19%:8
Increase of 1% to 9%:          34
No change:3
Decrease of 1% to 9%:          38
Decrease of 10% to 19%:          50
Decrease of 20% to 29%:          37
Decrease of 30% or greater:          19

Applications to private institutions are down 9.8%, while applications to public law schools are down 8.6%.

The following is a breakdown of 2015 ABA applicants by racial/ethnic groups and the percent change from last year.

Race / Ethnicity# Pct Chg
Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Australian0.0%
American Indian or Alaska Native217-8.1%
Black or African American1,202-12.9%
Canadian Aboriginal7 -22.2%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander36 -10.0%
Puerto Rican2318.5%
Not Indicated64348.8%
Missing1 -50.0%

The following is a breakdown of 2015 ABA law school applicants by gender groups:

Female applicants:5,654, down 6.5%
Male applicants:5,749, down 10.5%
Not indicated:12, up 33.3%

The chart below shows the high LSAT score of 2015 ABA applicants with the percent change from last year:

Highest LSATNumber of ApplicantsPct Chg YTD
< 140 551 -14.6%
140–144690 -13.6%
145–1491,170 -6.5%
150–1541,828 -6.8%
155–1592,111 -9.3%
160–1642,192 -1.2%
165–1691,686 -15.2%
170–174945 -13.5%
175–180272 -19.8%

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