Know Your Law School Deposit Deadlines

2/28/22: Updated with 2021-2022 seat deposit deadlines

Wouldn’t it be awesome to know when schools will look to take applicants off of the waitlist? You could hold off on the status checker for a few days/weeks (remember, a few years ago someone checked their GULC status checker more than 1,200 in one day!), and even better, you could reach out to the school about your interest right around when they will be looking at taking people. If only we knew…

…wait, we do know! The first real round should come a week or so after deposit deadlines for schools that don't hit their deposit goals (they usually give it a week for late mail/reaching out to people/etc.). So LOCI timing around deposit deadlines is a very good idea.

But there is also a hidden date. May 15th marks the first Seat Deposit Overlap Report. Among others things (e.g. “Hey, you get the heck off of that school's commitment report or we are going to yank your scholarship”), many schools often use this to determine potential waitlist needs. Indeed, even schools that may be up in deposits this year versus last could utilize the waitlist substantially if the commitment report doesn’t look favorable. So when's another good time to ping a law school? Right after May 15th.

Being admitted off the waitlist involves a number of variables, but being at the right place at the right times is certainly one of them. Fortunately, we know some of those times, and we have listed the top 50 law schools' seat deposit deadlines below. Put them to good use!

Disclaimers: Some schools have seat deposit deadlines that vary depending on the date of admission, and we have seen more and more of that during this especially slow 2021-2022 cycle. Additionally, some dates reflect only the first deposit deadline, and there may be a second deposit deadline that is not noted. Some schools we had to call to ask, and we can’t verify with absolute certainty if the information we were given on the phone may change.

This information is meant for general reference purposes for waitlisted applicants, and you should always check with the school directly if you are an admitted student who needs to know their own deposit deadline.

2022 Seat Deposit Deadlines

  • Yale University: May 1
  • Stanford University: May 1
  • Harvard University: May 1
  • Columbia University: May 1
  • University of Chicago: April 29
  • New York University: May 1
  • University of Pennsylvania: April 28
  • University of Virginia: April 28, June 1
  • University of California–Berkeley: April 15, May 15
  • Duke University: April 22
  • University of Michigan: April 30
  • Northwestern University: April 29
  • Cornell University: April 15, May 15
  • University of California–Los Angeles: April 15, June 15
  • Georgetown University: May 1
  • University of Texas–Austin: April 15, June 1 "letter of intent" (no deposit due)
  • Vanderbilt University: April 13, May 11
  • Washington University in St. Louis: April 15, June 1
  • University of Southern California: April 1 (scholarship reservation deadline, no deposit due), May 1
  • Boston University: April 15, June 1
  • University of Florida: April 15
  • University of Minnesota: April 15
  • University of Notre Dame: April 15, June 1
  • University of North Carolina: April 12, early June
  • Arizona State University: April 1, May 2
  • University of Alabama: April 1
  • George Washington University: April 15, June 1, July 1
  • University of Georgia: April 15, June 1
  • Boston College: April 15, May 16
  • Brigham Young University: April 4, June 6
  • Emory University: April 15, June 1
  • University of Illinois: April 18
  • University of Iowa: April 1, June 1
  • University of Wisconsin: April 11 (enrollment form due, no deposit), May 2, June 1
  • Fordham University: April 11
  • University of California–Davis: April 15
  • University of California–Irvine: April 15
  • Washington and Lee University: April 15, June 1
  • William & Mary Law School: May 1
  • Ohio State University: April 1
  • George Mason University: April 15, June 1
  • Wake Forest University: April 15
  • Indiana University–Bloomington: April 11
  • University of Utah: April 29
  • University of Washington: May 1
  • Pepperdine University: April 15, June 15
  • University of Arizona: April 11
  • Florida State University: April 15
  • University of Colorado: April 15, May 12
  • University of California–Hastings: May 3, June 7
  • University of Maryland: April 12, June 7