Know Your Waitlist Movement Dates (Part I)

Wouldn’t it be awesome to know when schools will look to take applicants off of the waitlist? You could hold off on the status checker for a few days/weeks (remember, a few years ago someone checked their GULC status checker more than 1200 in one day!) Even better, you could reach out to the school about your interest right around when they will be looking at taking people. If only we knew…

…wait, we do know! May 15th marks the first Seat Deposit Overlap Report. Among others things (eg: “hey you get the heck off of that schools commitment report or we going to yank your scholarship”), many schools often use this to determine potential waitlist needs. Indeed, even schools that may be up in deposits this year versus last (and we have heard of a number) could utilize the waitlist substantially if the commitment report doesn’t look favorable.

So get ready. We predict more waitlist activity is coming, and coming soon.