LSAT Test Day and Navy Seal Dropout Rates

I wanted to share a story I read about Navy Seal Training, as I think it has meaning for those waiting to take the LSAT.

The article was about Navy Seal training dropout rates (which are infamously high about 800 out of every 1000 dropout). The interesting part wasn’t the rate, it was the rate of those Seal candidates who drop out while they are actually doing the grueling work — almost 0%. They don’t quit while running or swimming or doing other activities, they quit while waiting to do these. During the limited downtime is when they think about the activity ahead and it seems much worse than when they are doing it.

This, I believe, is applicable to the LSAT. The test itself isn’t necessarily so bad, I know many people who walk out with an almost euphoric high (to be fair I know many more who want to go ESPN reporter to tow truck operator on it). But it is the anticipation of the test that gets to people. Don’t think about the test yet, just think about getting better each day. The test isn’t going anywhere, the questions are already set anyway. That part is a given. The variable is how focused and ready you can make yourself day in and day out.

And don’t forget (I’ll say this until I am blue in the face) a school only cares about 1 score, your high score. You get 3 takes!


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