New Law School Data as of December 2022 ABA 509 Disclosures

The ABA just released law schools' required 509 disclosure documents for 2022, which means that we now have the complete, final, official admissions data from the 2021-2022 admissions cycle. The most interesting thing we have gleaned thus far is in the graph below—COVID-era GPA inflation is indeed real.

Some other interesting tidbits:

  • 59 law schools increased both their median LSAT AND median GPA
  • 142 schools increased their median GPA
  • 75 schools increased their median LSAT

This year/admissions cycle should be different. (1) We expect around a 1-5% decrease in applicants, thus making things on the applicant-pool side a bit less competitive. (2) There is no way law schools, in aggregate, can keep decreasing class size. Maybe a few will, but revenue for almost all law schools is a function of tuition and enrollment. Faculty and staff have to be paid, electricity, etc. Add in the possibility of a diminishment in U.S. News (often you decrease a class size to hit target LSAT/GPA etc. numbers for U.S. News purposes), and that class size number should go up, in a smaller pool. That is a beautiful 1-2 punch if you are an applicant, and not as much if you are a dean of admissions. So we'd expect this cycle to be slow but less competitive, although the GPA inflation may very well keep GPA medians up.