"One Lawyer Can Change the World" Finalists Announced

** Please note Spivey Consulting isn't a part of this program nor is this promotional or for-profit. It's just a good. freaking. cause. **

The “One Lawyer Can Change the World” Scholarship contest honors ten entering law students who plan to use their law degrees to improve the lives of others.

Since 2015, this scholarship has honored entering law students who seek to use their law degrees to become change agents by advancing racial equality and serving the public good. BARBRI Law Preview offer this scholarship not only to help a handful of socially conscious incoming 1Ls fund their educations, but also to raise awareness for the impact that good lawyers have on society. Good lawyers fight injustice by challenging unfair laws and fixing broken systems, all in an effort to promote fairness. Our ten Finalists plan to do exactly that.

This year, BARBRI Law Preview received over 2,200 scholarship applications, and of those, ten Finalists were selected. Each of the Finalists demonstrates a true commitment to becoming change agents. Some envision large sweeping reforms while others seek to change individuals’ lives on a case-by-case basis. We encourage you to read their essays to understand how their unique life experiences have sparked a passion to get involved and to change our world for the better. Vote for the student who best exemplifies the word “change agent” and we certainly appreciate your comments about why their story resonated with you. The prizes, which will be determined by vote, are as follows:

  • First Place = $10,000
  • Second Place = $5,000
  • Eight Runners-Up = $1,000

In addition to pledging $23,000 for these ten Finalists, BARBRI Law Preview has also established a GoFundMe, knowing that, after reading the finalists’ inspiring stories and visions for change, many readers may also wish to support them. All GoFundMe proceeds will be divided equally and paid directly to each Finalist to cover all, or part of, their law school tuition, on-campus housing, and books. Please consider supporting these amazing students with a GoFundMe donation in any amount however small.

Vote for your favorite here.