Spivey Consulting USNWR rankings analysis and predictive modeling

The left top 25 pictured below marks the modeling our business intelligence director Justin Kane projected with the publicly available data and a splash of instincts, and the right top 25  are the just now released 2021 actual rankings.

This is one of the services our firm provides; rankings analysis and predictive modeling. Linked here is just a fraction of examples of how quickly the layers of USNWR rankings can get nuanced, which makes it even more value-added and interesting for us to dig into.

One of the schools we have worked with, The University of Florida Levin College of Law has moved from 48 when we first engaged with them to 24th now. Texas A&M Law is another of our past clients. With dedicated leadership and decisive action, a roadmap to rankings movement is available for every single school. And we do it at the undergraduate level too.