Preliminary July LSAT Numbers

LSAC hasn't released final July numbers yet, and likely won't until after Labor Day weekend (after everyone's received their scores and had a chance to decide if they want to cancel or not).

They did, however, give a preliminary update and we are now starting to get some real data for this upcoming cycle. About 23,000 took July, close to a 100% increase over last year. But, given this years June drop, June/July this year vs. last year we're at about a 15% increase in test takers year over year.

BUT, and this is a huge but, July data does NOT yet include cancellations - which should be expected to be substantial given the free retake. If about 20% of July takers cancel their scores, we'll actually be running behind last year. We think those are potentially achievable numbers, but this is a new game to all of us.

They also very noticeably did not mention September registration volume even though registration has been closed for almost 2 weeks, so... possibly that wasn't as high as they were hoping. Hard to say but LSAC seems to be trending toward controlling their news a bit more of late.