New LSAT Coaching Program and Capacity Update

We have a new LSAT coaching program for self-studiers!

Justin Kane is a self-described LSAT geek who self-studied before scoring a 179 on his LSAT. Justin has taught the LSAT for several years and is passionate about helping students achieve their testing goals. His students regularly praise his ability to make complex LSAT concepts understandable, as well as his relentlessly positive attitude.

This program is for those who prefer self-studying, but want someone on call when studying  get stuck, confusing, contradictory, or even when motivation wanes. Justin will help develop study plans, strategize client specific test taking methodology, and serve as an interactive answer bank. His guidance will be tooled towards your cycle plans.

There are two pricing options for this coaching.

  1. A flat rate of $160/hour.  
  2. An unlimited hour rate of $1600.

Capacity update for this coming admissions cycle and cutoff date for this cycle wait list clients.  

Despite recently hiring admissions officers from Chicago, Michigan, and Duke Law Schools, we are expecting to reach preliminary capacity and move to a waitlist for clients well before September of this year.

Please email us at or call at (703) 624-7205 to reserve a time for a free consultation with one of us!

We will also stop taking wait list clients for this cycle starting next week, as an FYI.

Note: the pro bono client opportunity which previously appeared at the top of this blog post has concluded its application period. See below:

We have two opportunities to be a client of Spivey Consulting for FREE!

The first is for an upcoming law student to work with our  Pre-L Program head Rob Cacace. You’ll complete the Core course, which is designed to give you the essential skills to tackle the new learning environment of 1L. This is a need-based opportunity, so to be considered please send us a half- to one-page essay on how your experiences reflect an underrepresented background in the legal industry and why the Core course might help you succeed.

The second opportunity  is for an upcoming law school applicant to work with Mike Spivey and Anna Hicks on their admissions strategy, materials, and cycle. This is also need-based and requires submission of a half- to one-page essay about overcoming a life challenge.

For each of this programs, the essay applicants can be submitted to They will close at 12 PM EST on Friday, April 26.