Testimonial 12.20.17

My entire experience with Spivey Consulting was nothing short of exceptional.

After reaching out to a variety of law school application consulting services to get quotes, I was told by Mike Spivey that he would lock in his initial rate, as a thank you for contacting early.

This great first impression, combined with a fantastic rate, set the tone for my entire relationship with Spivey Consulting.

While working together on my application, Mike and I exchanged over 100 emails, discussing everything from application strategy to networking.

Mike remained patient and supportive as I switched my personal statement topic five times. He edited dozens of drafts for my personal statement, diversity statement, addenda, and “Why X” essays, ensuring I was presenting my best possible application.

Moreover, Mike provided the added value of calming my nerves throughout the entire cycle and was a genuinely nice person with whom I feel lucky to have worked.

Ultimately, Spivey Consulting helped me (a splitter candidate) receive admission to four T-14 schools before the end of November, including my top choice, a T-6 school which I will be attending this fall!

I would highly recommend Spivey Consulting to any candidate going through the law school application process!


Spivey Consulting Note

  1. Thank you to P.K. and congrats!

  2. Reserve a spot for this coming cycle and you can still lock in at the past cycles rates!