A Personal Statement Thought & Testimonial

We get a good deal of unsolicited testimonials, and every so rarely we throw one up on our website to share :) Here's one below, especially noting the Personal Statement part.

Nine out of every ten personal statements follows a typical pattern that is based on bad advice that has persisted online -- and does nothing for the application. Believe it or not, the target audience of your PS is YOU, not an unnamed admissions committee that doesn't even exist (applications are not reviewed by committee). Neuroscience tells us that what is emotionally important to US, be it an obstacle/challenge/triumph/experience, is what we remember most vividly. Put the admissions officer in YOUR story, and go from there.

We are here to help! info@spiveyconsulting.com. Write a great one!

Dear Mike:

I want to take the time to thank you for everything that you've done for me throughout my application process. Starting with very little experience with law school application and a lackluster LSAT score, I can't believe what I have achieved in the end accepted at Harvard, waitlisted at Stanford and accepted to all other schools I have applied to besides one. Unbelievable! I know I was initially a bit skeptical about your approach to my personal statement, and I apologize for doubting you. You have always been right!

I want to thank you again for your wisdom, your patience, and for always being there to return calls and emails. You are a real expert and thank you for making my dream come true.