Danielle Early's Top 5 Blog Posts

I’m going to share a secret with you all… while I was the working in the Harvard Law School Admissions Office, I read this blog. I thought it was great – Mike was providing good advice to applicants, and it often reminded me to think more about what the application process is like for you as applicants.

When Mike asked me what my favorite blog posts were, I found it hard to narrow down because there are many. Today, I am sharing with you the top 5 posts that resonated most with me. I encourage you to go back and read (or re-read) them as you wait for schools to open their applications.

5 - Debunking The 1-Page Law School Resume Myth. Too often, applicants were trying to follow the “1-page rule” and would sacrifice legibility to make it happen. Making the reader’s eyes hurt should never be the goal. Your resume should tell the admissions committee what they need to know – if it takes two pages to do that, the reader will flip the page and read on.

4 - Top 10 Law School Application Grammar Blunders. Karen wrote this post and it reminds me of my first week at HLS. I was reviewing a stack of applications she had read. One application was covered in mistakes – all marked with her signature pink pen. I didn’t remember much about the application beyond the errors. Careless mistakes do matter and can be avoided!

3 - How Law School Admissions Myths Get Started. I often wondered why people were willing to believe their roommate’s brother’s best friend’s girlfriend’s advice about what an admissions committee member at Harvard would think but wouldn’t believe me (an actual member of the admissions committee) when I gave differing information. Remember to be thoughtful about the advice you are seeking out.

2 - Generation Neurotic. We can all fall victim being a little neurotic once in a while. I love this post because it admits that we are who we are – and then gives some great guidance about how to be thoughtful about the ways we interact with one another in a professional environment. Keep calm is a good philosophy.

1 - Want to Nth Degree your LSAT studying? Do this... In addition to reminding me that I haven’t been running lately, I love this post because it reminds me that there are many things you can do to get yourself comfortable during a stressful situation. Give yourself the mental edge on test day.