Two New Programs Coming to Spivey Consulting in 2015!


You’ve spent a great deal of time and energy to get into the law school of your choice.

First-year students typically spend upwards of twenty hours per week on reading alone .[[i]](file:///C:/Users/Spivey/Downloads/Pre-L%20Blurbs%20(RC%20edits).docx#_edn1) Grades for 1Ls are instrumental in hiring and career placement. Are you ready to hit the ground running and get a leg-up?


4 weeks, 5 hours on Legal Writing, Critical Reading, Case Briefing, Outlining & Exam Prep.  One-on-one instruction and individual feedback and coaching:

  • Read actual cases
  • Watch 1L class lectures and develop note-taking strategy
  • Learn the elements of a case brief, and practice creating your own briefs
  • Read and dissect law school and exams
  • Learn about and practice outlining as the way to organize and prepare for exams

Deep Dive – the Core times two.

Add-on Options to the Core Class:

  • Career Prep
  • Legal Writing Plus
  • Demystifying Law School
***How do I lock in a spot?***** **Contact us at for pricing and a guaranteed spot. Clients will be limited to roughly 20 total  so be sure to contact us soon!
[[i]](file:///C:/Users/Spivey/Downloads/Pre-L%20Blurbs%20(RC%20edits).docx#_ednref1) Law School Survey of Student Engagement; 2012 Annual Survey Results, at 9.

Undergraduate admissions + mentorship through college + law school admissions:

Is practicing law a life-long dream? Starting next undergraduate admissions cycle we are going to offer a few select clients admissions, college, and law school admissions help through the entire process. Payments will also be spread out so that if plans change during college you won’t have to worry about owing us a thing! Interested or know of anyone who is? Contact us at today!