Client Results

What our clients say about us means everything. Indeed, we have never advertised — the majority of our business comes from referrals and recommendations. Most importantly, we understand that applying to law school can be a stressful process, and we will do everything we can to make it smooth and highly successful for you.

Our clients achieved admission with greater success than the overall applicant pool at 29 of the top 30 law schools.

Our team has over 200 collective years of experience in law school admissions, reading applications and making decisions on files.

Spivey Consulting Group has been hired by 18 law schools as independent consultants.

This past cycle 99.3% of our clients were satisfied with the services they received from Spivey Consulting group, and 98% would recommend Spivey Consulting Group to a friend.

This past cycle, our clients were offered a total of over $66,000,000 in merit-based scholarships.

We have worked at a wide range of law schools, including the following:

  • Yale
  • Harvard
  • Columbia
  • University of Chicago
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Duke
  • University of Michigan
  • Georgetown
  • University of California, Los Angeles
  • Vanderbilt
  • Washington University in St. Louis
  • Boston College
  • University of Washington
  • University of Florida
  • Fordham
  • Indiana University
  • University of Colorado
  • Syracuse
  • Lewis & Clark
  • University of Richmond
  • Roger Williams

We have held the following titles:

  • Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
  • Assistant Dean for Admissions
  • Assistant Dean for Enrollment Management
  • Director of Admissions
  • Director of Recruitment
  • Assistant Director of Admissions
  • Associate Director of Admissions
  • Senior Admissions Officer
  • Associate Dean for Administration and Finance
  • Executive Director of Career Strategy
  • Assistant Dean for Graduate and International Students

This past cycle, our clients were admitted to the following law schools:

  • Yale University (CT)
  • Stanford University (CA)
  • Harvard University (MA)
  • University of Chicago
  • Columbia University (NY)
  • New York University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Virginia
  • University of Michigan
  • Northwestern University (IL)
  • Duke University (NC)
  • University of California—Berkeley
  • Cornell University (NY)
  • U Texas-Austin
  • Georgetown (DC)
  • University of California—Los Angeles
  • Vanderbilt U (TN)
  • Washington U (MO)
  • U Southern California
  • University of Iowa
  • U Notre Dame (IN)
  • Emory U (GA)
  • U Minnesota-Twin Cities
  • Boston University
  • Arizona State University
  • U Alabama
  • Boston College
  • Washington & Lee U
  • University of California—Irvine
  • University of Wisconsin—Madison
  • University of Georgia
  • Ohio State University (Moritz)
  • Indiana U-Bloomington
  • University of Washington
  • George Washington U
  • Wake Forest University
  • Fordham University
  • University of Colorado
  • University of North Carolina
  • University of California—Davis
  • George Mason University (VA)
  • University of Florida
  • William & Mary (VA)
  • University of Utah (Quinney)
  • University of Illinois—Urbana-Champaign
  • Southern Methodist University
  • University of Maryland (Carey)
  • University of Arizona (Rogers)
  • Florida State University
  • Tulane University
  • Baylor University
  • Temple University (Beasley)
  • University of Connecticut
  • University of Houston
  • University of California (Hastings)
  • University of Richmond (Williams)
  • University of Kentucky
  • Seton Hall University
  • University of Nebraska—Lincoln
  • Rutgers Law (Combined)
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • University of Missouri
  • University of Missouri—Kansas City
  • Penn. State Carlisle (Dickinson)
  • University of Kansas
  • Georgia State University
  • Cardozo (Yeshiva)
  • Northeastern University
  • Loyola Marymount University (CA)
  • University of Cincinnati
  • Pepperdine University
  • St. John's University
  • University of Oklahoma
  • University of Denver (Sturm)
  • Villanova University
  • University of San Diego
  • University of Miami
  • University of Oregon
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Penn. State University Park
  • Loyola University Chicago
  • University of Tulsa
  • American University (Washington)
  • Indiana University—Indianapolis
  • Brooklyn Law School
  • University of South Carolina
  • University of Louisville (Brandeis)
  • Syracuse University
  • Texas A&M
  • IIT - Chicago Kent
  • West Virginia University
  • Michigan State University

It is difficult to find a professional way to express that Erika is the best admissions consultant on the planet. From uncertain beginnings to an exciting end, she was one of the most instrumental parts of my admissions process. I began my journey with minimal insight (for context, before Erika and I began working together, I had a color-coded resume I’d built on Microsoft PowerPoint). By the end, I’d realized choosing to work with Erika and Spivey was one of the best decisions I could have made regarding the admissions process.

Though sometimes it was just a few ideas, other times, Erika woke up to a full inbox. We were constantly in touch. With a steadfast patience for my many questions, she guided me through all my ideas, hypotheticals, and any worrisome thoughts that crossed my mind. Erika showed so much commitment to my success throughout the entire process. I could not be more grateful to Spivey for the opportunity to work with an advisor who was as invested in me as Erika was.

If I had to go through this process again, I would without a doubt choose to work with Erika. She was always patient with me, and is an attentive listener. She brought new ideas to my attention, and expanded my understanding of old ones. During moments I felt unsure, Erika stepped in with a wise and well-reasoned response. She is hands down one of the best communicators I have worked with in a professional setting. She was thoughtful and thorough with every response, whether we were on the phone for two hours or communicating at length by email. Articulate and sensible, I quickly came to trust and appreciate her judgement. Her professional yet relaxed demeanor meant I always felt comfortable discussing my ideas with her, from the far-fetched to the everyday. Her insight was valuable not only for understanding admissions, but also for peace of mind during a process that is both unfamiliar and uncertain.

I truly feel I cannot say enough good things about Erika’s positive impact on my law school admissions process. She’s fantastic! When I reflect on what I paid and what I received, please know that the value far surpassed all of my high expectations (set by Spivey’s great reviews online). I am happy to contribute to this positive feedback.


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Paula Gluzman for all of her help. Her generosity, thoughtfulness and skill are helping F.L. through a tremendously stressful time — both academically and emotionally — in her life. There is no way I could have fulfilled this function for her, and I am deeply grateful that Paula has been able to do so. She is more than a law school admissions expert; she is a counselor in the truest and broadest sense of the word. No matter where F.L. attends law school, we will always be grateful that Paula shared her time and talent with us. Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Parent of a client, F.L.

Pre-L is a great program to help you acclimate to law school and create a level of confidence in your own process and work when your classmates are drowning in the chaos.

Rising 2L at UNC School of Law

I’m so grateful to Paula for her guidance throughout the entire law school application process! Coming from a first-gen background with no lawyers in my family, I felt so much better being able to talk about my application materials with someone who could channel the mindset and goals of an admissions officer. Paula helped me throughout my process: while I was making my application list, strategizing which of my essays I would send where, and interviewing with schools. Her feedback was critical because I knew I could trust her opinions — it saved me so much time and anxiety (I would have spent even more time panicking on Reddit). I told her I was especially nervous about interviewing, and we practiced interviews for each school until I felt comfortable, even when some of the interviews were scheduled for the following day. I ended up having a fantastic cycle, getting admitted into 11 of the T14 schools, including two of the top three! It was so wonderful working with someone who was so excited to see me succeed. I would absolutely recommend working with Paula to anyone going through the law school admissions process!


I want to greatly thank Paula Gluzman for all of her guidance, therapy sessions, and editing on my applications. She was a tremendous help, and I feel so lucky that we were paired up together when I started with Spivey. She made the application process much easier and kept me on track with my goals, while also making sure I was realistic. In addition, she made me feel comfortable enough sharing stories with her that I had trouble talking about, but knew would help the admissions team see my strength and resiliency. If it weren’t for Paula, I probably wouldn’t have written some of those essays, and who knows where I would be!


Spivey Consulting has my highest possible praise and recommendation. The folks at Spivey brought far more value to my applications than they were compensated for and than I ever expected. I worked with Spivey for over a year, and they were accessible, responsive, and invaluable the whole way through. You cannot go wrong with Spivey; thanks to them I am attending the law school of my dreams in the fall!


I just wanted to thank you again for everything you did with my personal statement. I applied to 14 schools, and I have been admitted to all of them! I have finally decided to attend Emory with scholarship money! My highest LSAT score was a 155, and I am confident that I would not have the opportunity to attend Emory if it wasn’t for your help. I will forever be grateful for your excellent work!

K. S.

After this whole process, only now does it dawn on me that the hardest part has yet to come… making a final decision about where to attend! I feel I could not have done any of this without your guidance… Thank you so much for your insights, assurances, and generosity.

Michael A.

I worked with Anne Dutia on scholarship negotiations, and she was absolutely fantastic. She went above and beyond—responding almost instantaneously to my emails, editing countless draft letters, practicing for multiple interviews (not even counting the multiple practice sessions for the same interview!), and reassuring me when the process felt stressful or uncertain. Ultimately, she helped me to increase the scholarship award at every school I negotiated with.

When it came time to make a decision, I felt stuck between two top 14 schools. Anne spent over an hour on the phone with me working through the pros and cons of each. This is how she approached every conversation with me. I had so many questions, and she patiently listened and replied to every single one of them.

I’m headed to a top ten law school in the fall with a huge scholarship. I really could not be more excited—or appreciative of your help!


I found Anne and Spivey Consulting to be incredibly helpful in my applications to law school. I was a borderline candidate and knew that I had to have everything buttoned up for applications. I couldn’t afford to make any mistakes in my apps. Anne helped me to organize my thoughts better. Having experience working in admissions, she was a great sounding board for what may be too risky in an application. She also went above and beyond the terms of the package that I got. She was very generous with her time in answering my questions and allaying any concerns that I had. When the admissions decisions came in, I got into one of my dream schools in the T14. I was also able to get scholarship money at the school that I chose to attend as well as scholarships at many other phenomenal schools thanks to Anne giving me advice on strategy. I strongly recommend Anne Dutia and Spivey to anyone who is applying to law school. The school that I am able to attend and the amount that I got in scholarship money made the investment in Anne and Spivey more than worth it.


Despite being a reverse splitter straight out of undergrad with very limited extra curricular involvement and work experience, Anne helped me bring the best out of my application. She was with me every step of the way, helping me to mend my talents and personality into one unique package. Thanks to her, I got into and will be attending a top 10 law school, with a scholarship.

Anne, thanks so much for all your help! It was worth every penny!


Thank you to Paula for all of her guidance throughout this process; I’m eternally grateful that she helped me discover (and hone) the best possible way to tell my story. I’m incredibly proud of this final product.


I am incredibly grateful that Paula was by my side throughout this application cycle, and I know that I would not have achieved my improbable results (a T14 acceptance with a sub-3.0 undergrad GPA!) without her. From the get go, Paula was incredibly warm and encouraging to me in a way that I cannot emphasize enough. I think she felt that despite my inconsistent numbers, I had a compelling story to tell to law schools, and she played a vital part in boosting my confidence and the idea that I could aim higher than I initially felt like I could or even deserved to. She talked me through my reluctance to embrace the rougher edges of my narrative and to retake control of it, and provided lifesaving edits on my personal statement, a GPA addendum, as well as quite a few supplemental essays. She then guided me through the wildly confusing game of school interviews, visits, and timing, and finally, through a long and dreaded waitlist process. She probably did even more outside of this, so apologies if I left something off.

Although Paula didn’t know this, I went through a several personal changes and family issues this year outside of an already-maddening and unpredictable application cycle. Her warmth and genuine bits of wisdom helped me keep a level head through it all; in fact, I think she should guest blog for Spivey sometime to share her wisdom with all the other anxious applicants! As a result, as much as I value her sterling and meticulous guidance as a consultant and editor, I cherish the very human kindness and encouragement she brought to this process even more. I will never forget it.


I was very apprehensive going into this process. Having been out of school for a few years, and with lower stats than I was hoping for, I wanted to make sure my application was perfect the first time. I was unsure what the final product should look like and which pieces of my story were relevant. With Nathan Neely’s help, I was confident my materials were strong by the time I submitted. At the beginning, I wondered if I should apply to any of the top 3 schools. Nathan was patient with my back-and-forth as we crafted my list of schools and did not try to force me in any direction. Since there are no guarantees for anyone, I decided to take my shot. Throughout the process, Nathan was realistic but encouraging, even though I applied to a lot of reach schools. The Spivey process is about more that just submitting a perfect application. Nathan worked with me for weeks with feedback as I crafted essays that showed both my strengths and my true personality. I believe this distinction is reflected in my outcomes. My best results came from institutions with which my background and goals would resonate with the most. I know that those values would not have shined through as clearly without Nathan’s help. If I had to do it all again, the only thing I would change is having ever hesitated about working with Spivey Consulting. It would have saved me a lot of anxiety in the beginning. I am so grateful for Nathan’s guidance and his friendship throughout this process. A year ago I would have never believed all the options I would have. Stanford Law School is the best outcome I could have ever imagined, and I am so excited to be attending in the fall.


When I came to Spivey, I had one goal: attend a T-25 ideally paying less than list price. I had an interesting work history, but I did not consider it prestigious, and I had no idea how to make it appealing to law schools. Anne Dutia utilized multiple conversations to break down who I was as a professional and helped me create a genuine representation of why I was a desirable addition to any law program. She then helped me pick schools and tailor my application to each with expert advice.

While all of this was incredibly beneficial, the most valuable piece of hiring a Spivey consultant was the confidence and re-assurance from a consultant that I was on track for success. Like many, I was inclined to panic when the LSAC data about surplus high LSAT scores came out, and I was considering lowering the caliber of schools I applied to and possibly applying early decision to a safety school with a scholarship. Anne assured me I had a strong application, and while I saw panic in online forums, I felt secure. Regardless, I was shocked when I was admitted to my dream T-14 program with an over half tuition scholarship.

I cannot overstate how helpful it was to have a Spivey law school expert as an advisor. The cost of the service seems minimal with the outcome I was able to receive.

Stephen A.

I worked with Emily Allen, and it was an incredible experience. I truly feel like I put together the best application possible. She pushed me to discover my personal story and show myself as a strong, well rounded applicant. Working with her helped me gain admission to a school I thought was out of reach. It was absolutely worth it, and I’d recommend Spivey Consulting to anyone.

Andrew H.

As a reapplicant, working with Tom made all the difference in my successful admissions cycle. His insights helped me write a powerful personal statement that garnered praise from admissions staff. He guided me in creating a strong and compelling resume that captures my past eight years of diverse professional experience. I also appreciated having an accountability partner to meet deadlines and submit applications in a strategic way.


Mike Spivey visited Rice last year and drew a full-house from our prelaw society. We were absolutely floored by some of the inside secrets to admissions they shared, and the myths (that many of us were following) that they debunked. For months our members were talking about how attending this talk was the most important single thing that they did during the entire application. I was there, and now I am a 1L at Stanford and I know Rice has already invited Mike and Karen to speak on campus this year.

Angela Guo, Former President Rice Alpha Delta & Stanford 1L

Mike and Karen were with me for the entire cycle: they talked to me the morning of my LSAT, late into numerous nights, and through countless applications and essays. As important as it was to me to get admitted to my dream school — which was a real stretch school by any defintion and where I am currently a law student — was also seeing that it was equally important to them. They cared deeply about my success and just knowing that I had that passion and all of their high-end experience behind me made all the difference.

Zach C.

I would not be at my dream school without Jenn’s help. She guided me through the process with invaluable insight and knowledge, and most importantly, she sincerely cared about my success. There are other important factors besides numbers, and Jenn assisted in navigating those factors so that I could make my application as strong as possible. I could not be happier with the results; I was accepted to my dream school with a scholarship worth about 1/3 of tuition, even though my LSAT score was below the 50th percentile, and I can honestly say that hiring her was one of the best investments I have ever made. The result speaks for itself!


The best decision I made after deciding to apply to law school was hiring Spivey Consulting Group. I worked with Emily Allen, and now I’m attending my top choice law school with a scholarship significantly higher than I ever expected. I would make the same decision again in a heartbeat.


As a first generation law student, I was worried to start law school with no knowledge of how the process worked or what to expect. Patrick Connorton gave me the tools I needed to go into law school with confidence. In all the confusion and stress that’s felt during the beginning of 1L, the skills I learned over the summer have kept me calm and confident in my study methods.

UC Irvine 1L

Patrick, I am so excited right now! Just got my second semester grades back, and I went up from a 3.3 to a 3.8! I did really well on my issue spotter exams, in huge part because of what you taught me. Thank you so much!

Cameron D.

After deciding to re-take the LSAT and re-apply to law school, I gave Spivey a call. I worked with Jenn to craft an entirely new personal statement and customized “Why” essays. The process was smooth, and Jenn’s quick turnaround times and thoughtful comments on my writing made the process more fun than I thought was possible in the law school application process! When I decided that I wanted to apply to the University of Michigan, a “reach” school for me, she went above and beyond to advise and support my efforts. 18 weeks after kicking off the editing process with Jenn, I was admitted to the University of Michigan!

Working with Spivey, and Jenn in particular, was the best decision I could have made to solidify my essays and my overall application. Jenn helped me put my best foot forward, ensuring that my personality and interests shone through each essay. I would recommend Spivey’s services to anyone applying to law school — it just might open doors for you that you can’t imagine for yourself (at least, that was my experience!).

Sydney H.

After working with Tom Robinson on my personal statement, I am really happy with my admissions results. I am excited to be attending the University of Texas School of Law with a 95k scholarship!

Working with Tom to perfect my writing definitely made all the difference. I even had an admissions dean come up to me at an admitted students event and tell me how much he liked my personal statement. Tom really went the extra mile and looked over several ‘final’ drafts until it was flawless.

Hiring Tom was one of the best investments I made during my admissions process. I will be recommending Spivey Consulting to all of my friends applying to law school.


Mike — As I was doing some reflection this afternoon I wanted to send out some thank you notes to people who helped me along my Law School journey — it turns out, you’re on that list! As of two weeks ago, I’ve accepted an offer to work at Skadden in (City) once I graduate (and hopefully pass the bar) in 2020. I could not think of a better outcome for my legal education, and both my wife and I are on cloud 9 as we’ve found an opportunity that fits our financial goals and our desire to live and work in (City). Just wanted to say thanks again, and hope the business is thriving (as it deserves to!).


Thank you for all your advice and support during the oftentimes challenging law school application process. The expertise offered by Spivey Consulting made the process much smoother and easier by making sure I had every part of the applications perfect before hitting submit. With the help of Spivey Consulting I was able to get into my goal school very early in the admission process. I would unequivocally recommend Spivey Consulting to any future law school applicants. 


Tom Robinson’s years of experience, expertise, and professionalism helped me gain admission to Stanford Law School, which was a huge reach for me considering my LSAT and GPA. He helped me outperform my stats by helping me craft an unique and cohesive narrative. At the beginning of the cycle, Tom was very honest with me about where to set expectations, and he helped me curate a great list of safety, target, and reach schools. While working on my applications, Tom had a phenomenal turnaround time and always provided timely and helpful advice. The attention to detail and care that he showed to each and every one of my applications exceeded all expectations. He has an incredible network of admissions insiders who he never hesitated to reach out to for school-specific advice. I know I could not have achieved my results without his support and guidance.

SLS Bound

Before beginning the admissions process I had no idea the amount of work that was needed to even decide which schools to apply. Choosing to work with Spivey Consulting was the best choice I made as I would have been completely in the dark on many of the aspects of applying for law school. Starting with assessing the different ideas I had for my Personal Statement and helping every step of the way through making a decision on the right school, not just based on rank, but on fit for my family and me. Caring, thoughtful, reliable, and insightful are the best words to describe my personal consultant, Nikki Laubenstein, at Spivey!


Quinn Brown was instrumental in my very fortunate cycle despite the competitiveness of this year due to COVID-19. He was incredibly diligent in making sure that each part of my application was as strong as it could be. The fact that we did over a dozen substantive drafts of each part of the application is a testament to his diligence and care he puts into his clients, making me feel like I put my absolute best foot forward when I hit the submit button. I do not know who else would have corresponded with me practically every day for months, answering all my questions with patience no matter how silly or small. Moreover, Quinn’s school-specific knowledge for Yale Law is indispensable, and it cannot be understated how important it is to have that perspective of a former law school admissions officer. Of note, he was able to weave all the different important aspects of my identity into my application in a way that was thoughtful and cohesive. I can confidently say that I would not have gained admission to many T-14 schools without Quinn’s help. Working with Spivey Consulting was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I highly doubt that I would have had the same results on my own or with another consulting firm. –J.R.


Mike, thank you for making this stressful process so easy. You have truly been a godsend. Had you told me I would get into a top 5 law school after my disappointing LSAT, I would have told you that you were nuts! You are really really really good at what you do, and I am incredibly grateful to you for all your help.

Cody K.

Derek Meeker spoke to the Pre-Law Society members at UCLA last spring. Derek catered the event to meet the specific needs of our members and stayed over an hour past the scheduled time to finish answering all individual follow-up questions. As an officer of the Pre-Law Society, I truly felt that Derek was invested in helping each member present succeed in the application process. In fact, I know Derek’s advice helped me secure a 1L spot at Berkeley Law.

C. Chavez, UCLA

I worked with both Anna Hicks and Mike Spivey. Anna was accepted to a top 10 law school with a full scholarship, and I could immediately see why. She was an exceptionally detailed editor who was able to pick out the very best from me to help me stand out in everything I submitted. Mike knew the inside and out for the schools I applied to and added critical and individualized strategic input for each. Together they made a great team, and I was admitted to my number 1 school very early in the cycle!


Tom Robinson is an essential resource for anyone looking to transform their law school applications into acceptances. Tom was extremely responsive and supportive for the duration of the 8 months that we worked together. He went through rounds and rounds of drafts and hours of phone calls to ensure that my resume, essays, and every part of my applications were perfect. He provided me with insight into the application process that only a former Director of Admissions would be able to provide. Through his connections, he was able to tell me what each law school was looking for in their applicants’ essays and interviews, and he helped me to make sure that I met all of these requirements.

Tom was an invaluable resource throughout the application process, and I credit him for much of my success this season, which resulted in admission to Harvard Law School. I would recommend Tom and Spivey Consulting to any of my peers and friends – I had an excellent experience, and I know you will too!


Tom Robinson could not have been more helpful. His insight into the thinking of the admissions committees was invaluable. He took me through the entire process from beginning to end — from school selection to numerous drafts of personal statements to interview practice and advice. He was extremely professional and very generous with his time. Highly recommended.


Working with Anne Dutia was a seamless experience and an absolute pleasure. As a STEM major that has been out of school for two years, I was concerned my background didn’t fit the “perfect picture” top law schools were looking for. Anne not only dispelled this myth for me, she helped me source my unique background to highlight my strengths and amplify my voice in my essays. Her guidance was creative, nuanced, and individualized to my personal needs. We were able to push out my application materials far ahead of schedule, and I was accepted to my top choice, Harvard Law School, in December. I highly recommend Anne Dutia to anyone interested in getting into their top choice law school.


The Dean of Admissions actually told me how much she enjoyed how unique my personal statement was and that it added a lot of depth to my application. You are great at what you do and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with you.

Nick M.

As a parent and business professional, I am deeply compelled to share my experience with anyone considering using Spivey Consulting.

Mike was a Dean at Washington University when my son attended law school there during the “Great Recession.” My son wanted to practice law in Boston and Mike specifically flew to the area and met with a number of law firms – which ultimately helped open a door for my son to land a position at an elite Boston Firm. Mike took personal interest in placing his students when most law schools across the nation were being shut out due to the hiring freeze of the time.

For admissions help, this year we called Mike because our daughter was wait listed at her dream school. While not making any guarantees, Mike did make a promise. That he would commit himself to do everything he could on her behalf. Today she was admitted.

I write this testimonial because far too often I have heard similar promises in life – only to receive a follow up email or call with a litany of reasons when things didn’t work out. But this was different. Mike spoke to us during this process with calm confidence, an exhaustive knowledge of the process, and with palpable commitment to my daughter. And he delivered.

It is rare to find this type of sincere commitment and passion to delivering results in the business world. But we have found that with Mike and Spivey Consulting twice now. I hope that others reach out to Spivey Consulting, because I think you will see the same dedication and personal attention that my family has seen. And I know firsthand how important this process is.

Ron Weissman

Mike — I want to take the time to thank you for everything that you’ve done for me throughout my application process. Starting with very little experience with law school application and a lackluster LSAT score, I can’t believe what I have achieved in the end accepted at Harvard, waitlisted at Stanford, and accepted to all other schools I have applied to besides one. Unbelievable! I know I was initially a bit skeptical about your approach to my personal statement, and I apologize for doubting you. You have always been right! I want to thank you again for your wisdom, your patience, and for always being there to return calls and emails. You are a real expert and thank you for making my dream come true.


I’m getting admitted into top 14 schools I never though I would get — and interviews I am now super prepared for in the top 10! You guys are so good at making dreams come true.

Thomas G.

The prospect of starting law school ten years removed from undergrad was daunting in the extreme, however Rob Cacace and the Spivey Pre-L course gave me confidence in my abilities and the inside track on what to expect in 1L. Instead of wasting valuable time learning the mechanics of law school, I will now hit the ground running on day one. I heartily recommend the course to all rising 1Ls.

Brendan H.

It was great having Patrick Connorton teach me how to brief cases, what the Socratic method is like, and how to effectively write. Now that I have started, I feel far ahead of my classmates. I think the best part was having someone to talk through things with, such as outlining and the craziness of law school.

Will A.

Danielle was an incredible resource during my entire application cycle – I cannot imagine this year without her. She was there for me at every step of the way, accessible by phone, email, text, and even Skype when I was overseas. Furthermore, Danielle offers extraordinary insight into the application process after her years at HLS. She not only knows what to say, but also how to say it – making my application more competitive and persuasive. Finally, Danielle manages to respond to panicked emails and angsty phone calls with exceptional patience and positivity. In the months that followed my application submissions, I found this last point to be most impressive. I would highly recommend Danielle and the Spivey Consulting Group for your law school application cycle!


I can’t imagine navigating the law school admissions process without Paula Gluzman. From day 1, she was attentive, communicative and extremely helpful. Her insights on everything from my personal statement to my supplemental essays are the reason I had the privilege of having so many schools to choose from in the end. I am so grateful for her and her expertise — she is the reason I outperformed my stats and will be attending NYU, my dream school, this fall.


Danielle was a highly impactful resource in my application cycle. Her creative and strategic expertise, coupled with her responsiveness and empathy, allowed me to streamline each step in the application process and efficiently craft my strongest possible applications. To all future applicants, I strongly recommend Danielle and Spivey Consulting. I am so thankful I chose to work with Danielle Early “early on” in my application cycle!

NYU Law 1L

Nikki, you were so much help throughout the process! There’s no way I would have felt anywhere near as confident in my application without your help. From the huge amount of help with writing my personal statement and accessory essays, to the small things like listing out deadlines to help keep track of them, and everything in between, you couldn’t have been better at helping me get everything ready!


After a disappointing LSAT score, I was almost convinced that top schools were entirely out of my reach. Working with Laura, however, has proven me wrong. She listened to my story and saw me as a person beyond just my numbers, and she guided me through the entire application process with her expertise, patience, and care. When I felt overwhelmed or anxious, Laura was always there to provide guidance and reassurance. She has made this process so much easier and enjoyable. In the end, I was accepted to several T14 schools and will be attending one with a substantial scholarship; I know I could not have done it without Laura.


At the open house for admitted students, the dean said the admissions office uses my application file as an example! Because of this, the dean memorized a lot about me. I definitely have Jenn to thank for my polished application.

Alyssa T.

I sought out Spivey for its excellent reputation and am so grateful that I did. As a reverse splitter (high GPA and lower LSAT score), I was concerned that a lifetime of hard work was going to be overshadowed by a less than compelling test score. Shannon quickly reassured me in the best way possible by helping me craft an outstanding application. She knew how to use an application to highlight my strengths and distract from my weaknesses. With her unwavering help, I created a very memorable personal statement and impressed admissions committees. I have been accepted into and offered scholarships at schools where the median LSAT is almost ten points higher than mine. Without Shannon’s invaluable experience, I wouldn’t be struggling with picking between so many amazing schools. It’s a great problem to have and I’m incredibly appreciative of Shannon and the whole Spivey Team.


Mike — Today is my first day of orientation at Northwestern, and I really, really enjoyed everything. I would like to thank you for everything that you did for me! You are absolutely phenomenal and so professional. Asking you to be my law school application advisor is one of the best decisions that I have ever made. P.S. — Rob Cacace and the Pre-L program are also amazing, and thank you so much for introducing me!


I have to express my gratitude to Jenn for her help with my applications. I had some really great results, and it is in large part due to her guidance. I know that my outcomes would not have been achieved without her discerning eye on my application materials. I could not have done it without Jenn!

Tom C.

I worked with Jenn over the course of two years! She has amazing insight and advice. As someone who gets very anxious and emotional about applications, Jenn kept me on schedule and motivated during the whole process. When you are applying, there are so many uncertainties. It is wonderful to have someone to turn to for reassurance. Jenn is also a realist. She really knows what she is doing, and she is upfront about your chances. As a result of my work with Jenn, I got a full-ride to Cardozo School of Law in NYC. Thank you Jenn and Spivey!


One of the top schools that I applied to offered me $75,000 in scholarship money, and as soon as I heard that over Thanksgiving break, I knew that was where I was going! I want to thank Emily for ALL of her help; I know it made a huge difference. I have recommended her to a classmate who is applying to law school next year!


As an international applicant from Korea, I was really lost in how I should approach law school application materials. I was able to outperform my numbers thanks to the guidance by Mike and Karen. Had it not been for their help, I would not have ended up where I am now with substantial scholarship! Their meticulous, scrutinizing nature and creative advice really helped every essay I wrote and every application I submitted. I keep recommending them and people keep having great results!

J. Kim

Emily Allen took the time to understand my story, my values, and my strengths as an applicant. She truly is exceptional at what she does. Not only did Emily help me shatter ceilings and get into a top 10 law school, she allowed me to go through my law school application cycle with confidence. Emily, I hope you know how thankful I am for you. Seriously, it’s hard for me to put it into words. I imagine from the outside looking in that it would be easy to think, “What sort of impact could your law school consultant REALLY have had on your life?” Well, Emily changed mine.


My experience with Spivey was incredibly helpful and made navigating the law school application process much more straightforward. In addition to helping me gain an inside view of the admissions process, Rodia Vance was very comforting, gave me the confidence to present myself in the best light, and helped assuage some of the nervousness associated with applying to law schools. My desired outcome for the cycle was to simply be admitted to a law school, somewhere, anywhere, and I finished the admissions process with scholarships to all but two of the schools I applied to, finally accepting a full tuition and stipend offer from an in-state school.

Ben B.

Patrick, I just wanted to let you know my grades came back this week: 179 (Crim) and 180 (Torts). Apparently the Torts exams were especially competitive this year, so I am particularly proud. I was also better able to apply your methods on that exam, so I think the result is indicative. There is work yet to do, but only 5 grades left until the end of 1L year! Thank you so much again for helping out. Your guidance clearly had an enormous impact on my work.


When I first met Nathan Neely, I knew we were an immediate match when I spoke to him and was greeted by his professionalism and gentle demeanor. When you work with him, you work with a true expert in every sense of the word. His role as a former director of admissions at several well-respected institutions was not granted to him by luck or chance, but simply because he was always the best candidate for the position and a clear cut above any competition. Should you have the opportunity to connect with Nathan, it becomes obvious why he is both an authority and master on law school admissions, and precisely why I knew he could lead me to the promised land.

Even for the most qualified candidates, there will be times in a cycle when they will begin to question themselves and wonder if going to law school is worth it. I can assure you that if this happens, Nathan will jump into the frozen water with you and remind you about your “why.” He pushes the momentum forward and prevents you from spinning your wheels, backtracking, and depleting your energy on uncertainty from the very first occasion you work with him. Nathan eases his clients by affirming them good things are on the horizon, and to trust the process.

Being a first-generation student, navigating the admissions process is a minefield if done alone, but because of Nathan reviewing key components of my documents with surgical precision, I avoided numerous blunders that I otherwise would have made. Nathan guided me from beginning to end on how to produce a worthy application. You will be pushed, for better or worse, to produce documents of high quality that will get you where you desire to be. Nathan doesn’t take the easy way out, and the standard I was held to made significant differences. Several comments were made by current law school administrators about how well-crafted my statements were. He is the real deal and a worthy investment for any individual who is considering his services. In the most challenging law school admissions cycle to date (2020-2021), I managed to get into my dream school despite being below both medians — a prospect I knew could not have happened all on my own. What started as a pipe dream became a reality. For the reasons mentioned in this testimonial, it is without hesitation that I wholeheartedly recommend Nathan Neely for any advising services you may need. You will not regret it.

Joseph M.

I learned more from the Spivey Consulting Blog than I did from reading two books on law school admissions.

Nate N.

As a first-generation law school applicant, I truly had no idea what to expect from the application process. With Spivey Consulting, I was able to successfully and easily navigate this lengthy and confusing process. Danielle expertly assisted me every step of the way — from talking about my decision to attend law school to crafting a winning personal statement to polishing off the finished application.

Danielle helped me set reasonable goals while also assisting me in reaching my greatest potential. At the beginning of the cycle, my goal was to be accepted into a T-14 law school. By the end, I had been accepted to multiple T-14 schools and was able to choose between my top two choices. For her help and support, I can never thank her enough!

I have already recommended Danielle and Spivey Consulting to every peer that has asked me about the law school application process and will continue to do so. You truly can’t go wrong with this incredible group!


Choosing to work with Derek Meeker was a fantastic decision. His enthusiasm and thoughtfulness made the whole process thoroughly enjoyable. I am floored with the results too, as I’ve been accepted to the two schools (Stanford and Penn) at the very top of my list—with an awesome scholarship at one, to boot.


I absolutely cannot recommend Spivey Consulting Group highly enough. Jayme was so knowledgeable and patient, and she helped me to stay positive during what was a really stressful time for me. The law school application process is a daunting one, and having a former director of admissions at one of the top law schools in the country as my personal advocate and consultant was so reassuring and made the process so much less stressful. Despite my three disappointing LSAT scores, which I was sure would preclude me from a T14, I am attending my dream school in the fall where I did not think I stood a chance. Thank you so much to Jayme and the entire Spivey Consulting Group—I could not have done it without your knowledge and expertise!


My best admissions offer after my first application cycle was a T70 school with no scholarship. I felt I underperformed that cycle and decided to wait a year and reapply. I retook the LSAT and improved my score, but I also have an untraditional background and knew that the way I told my story would either make or break my admissions prospects, so I called Spivey for help and was paired with Shannon Davis. I truly believe this was a moment of fate. Shannon is incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and helped me find my voice in my essays. She helped prepare me for school visits, interviews, and the other nuances of law school admissions. I cannot recommend Shannon more highly. I was admitted the next cycle to a T25 school with almost a full scholarship. The following year she helped guide me through the transfer admissions process where I landed at a T6 school. Working with Shannon has been nothing short of life changing!


I had scores that were just shy of the medians at the top 3 schools, and because of this, I was not going to apply to any of them. Jayme reminded me that we all have a story to tell, and encouraged me to submit applications to each of YHS. Now I wake up every morning pinching myself because I can’t believe I’m going to one of these schools in the fall. Thank you Jayme for your generosity and for making such a big difference in my life!


As a re-applicant, I was very anxious about how I could make my application better when I’d already used up all of my best ideas in the previous cycle. I had applied to many schools by myself the first time around and had not gotten the results I wanted. I reached out to Spivey Consulting Group because of this reason, and I’m so glad I did. Shannon was such a delight to work with. Not only did she read my old application materials to get a sense of who I was as a person, but she was also able to find the missing parts that would allow me to tell a more cohesive story. Shannon seemed to know me better than I knew myself – if I ever strayed away, she gave me great advice to put me in the right track. She always had the patience and time to look over many, many drafts of the same essay I tried out until I could find the one I was truly satisfied with. I have been accepted to schools (with hefty scholarships) that rejected or waitlisted me in the previous cycle, and this wouldn’t have been possible without Shannon’s help. Thank you so much!


Working with Paula was a phenomenal experience. Each of her suggestions was impactful and strategic, and my personal statement was improved tenfold. I was initially hesitant at the financial investment, but looking back it was more than worth it!


In addition to being a remarkably talented consultant, Paula’s point of differentiation, in my experience working with her, is strongly tied to her consistent emphasis on ensuring clear, productive communication between her and her client. In the process, the narrative admission committees read is concise yet comprehensive. From working with her client to present a telling story which accounts for her client’s value proposition to law schools; to listening to her client’s perspective on what makes them unique, and examining the best way to present this in the context of what a specific law school is looking for in a matriculant; to advising her client with damage control, as needed, in any area of the law school application process; to working with her client to establish an interview strategy which includes immense relevance, attention to detail, and word choice tailored to each law school; becoming a Spivey client with Paula as your guide, confidante, and resource will greatly benefit your law school applications. She is a true law school insider, and is always up to date on the latest developments pertaining to law school admissions. In addition, you will become a more articulate writer, law student, advocate, and person. You will be inspired to push yourself to present the best application possible to law school admission committees. I strongly recommend Paula with my highest regard to work with you on your law school applications, including waitlist advising and scholarship negotiation services.

Jon J.

I had the pleasure to work with Kevin during my cycle and was constantly thrilled with his professionalism, knowledge, and generosity with his time. As a splitter applying straight out of undergraduate, I had a number of questions about school list, essay strategy, and more, all of which Kevin helped me navigate deftly. Kevin was always accessible via email or call, and I never felt at all rushed or like I wasn’t a priority of his. In what could have been an incredibly stressful cycle, I felt like I had a supporter in my corner. This culminated in multiple T14 acceptances with scholarship, while many others with my numbers got primarily waitlists and denies. Kevin absolutely resulted in a stronger application, and I cannot recommend him more highly.


As a splitter with a lack of legal work experience, I was very nervous about putting my application together for law school. I purchased the full cycle package, and I was very happy with my experience. My consultant, Anne Dutia, was instrumental in helping me put together an application that highlighted my strengths, balanced out my weaknesses, and told my own story. From my essays to my reference letters, Anne was a joy to work with and set my mind at ease with her great suggestions and edits. She clearly knew a lot about what the schools wanted, and that was shown in my acceptances to multiple T14 law schools and scholarships to said law schools. I will now be attending a T10 law school in the fall with a generous scholarship, and I would like to extend my thanks to Anne and to Spivey Consulting. I could not recommend your services more.


I was a reverse splitter for most of the schools I applied to (high GPA and low LSAT score). Sarah helped me with my entire application, and I have been admitted to my top schools. Spivey Consulting was the best investment I have ever made. I would make the same decision in a heartbeat!


I really enjoyed working with Anne Dutia, and I’m so glad I did! She had great advice, she made sure my essays weren’t terrible, and I got to wrap up my addenda in a better way than I could have on my own. I think I lucked out big time with the full Darrow at Michigan; saying yes to that was a pretty easy choice to make. Thank you so much Anne for all your help throughout this process. I’m so proud of the outcomes you helped me achieve.


Emily Allen made me feel confident throughout the process that I had made the right decision. And if I had known that I would be walking away with roughly $110K in scholarships from one of the best law schools in the country, I would have committed even sooner. Thank you so much for the time, energy, care, expertise, and passion that you put into your work. It has been an amazing opportunity to work with you and I am humbled by the outcome we achieved.


Mr. Spivey visited us at Stanford University to give a talk about the law school application process. As chair of the Stanford Native American Pre-Law group, I have hosted a number of speakers and admissions officers, and Mr. Spivey’s speech stands out as one of the most interesting and useful talks I have attended. He combines his university insider perspective with his admissions consultant experience, striking a balance that is hard to find. The information he presented was invaluable and I highly recommend Mr. Spivey as a speaker at your school.

Aharon K., Stanford

My original law school was unranked, and I am now transferring to Georgetown Law after being accepted as an Early Action applicant. I honestly still can’t believe it! I am so happy I reached out to Spivey for help with this application. Shannon Davis really helped me through the process, pointed out issues with my application that I never would have known to fix on my own, and just overall gave me peace of mind in the process. Even in our initial conversation, Shannon was clearly very knowledgeable and gave me advice that was very specific to me and my needs, all while being realistic and not sugarcoating the process. I felt like she really understood my goals and only tried to sell me the product that would help me reach them. I had been on the fence about reaching out, but I’m so glad I did. It was so worth it.

Georgetown was my top choice school, and this still feels like a dream. Shannon is absolutely amazing.


Sarah was so great to work with — always responsive, prompt, and hands down one of the most detail-oriented people I’ve ever met. She was helpful from beginning to end, and always went above and beyond to answer questions or concerns. Thanks for all of your support through this cycle, definitely helped ease this very stressful period of time.


Working with Nick at the Spivey Consulting Group was the best investment in my future I could make. I am a non-traditional applicant with a GPA significantly below the 25th percentile at my target schools, and after getting rejected at my top choice last year, I worked with Nick to craft a reapplication strategy. He identified weaknesses in my original application, helped me choose new essay topics, and provided insightful feedback on my materials. I submitted my applications confident that I had put together the best package I could, and that even if I didn’t make it to my reach schools, I would end up with fantastic options. With Nick’s help, I was accepted to Harvard Law School, which I still cannot believe. Thanks for everything, Nick!

Eric L.

I could write an essay about how appreciative I am for the tremendous work Karen did for me, and how she gave me clarity, direction, and confidence throughout what turned out to be a very difficult admissions cycle where we faced an unprecedented global pandemic. I was continuously impressed by Karen’s strategic insights and wealth of knowledge. She went to great lengths to make herself available to me, and provided thoughtful feedback to my questions, written materials, and miscellaneous issues in a timely manner. Most importantly, she made me feel like I was her ONLY client. In every communication we had, especially over the phone, there was never a point where we were out of synch – I never felt that I needed to catch her up or resituate her to my circumstances or my progress. These are the things that Karen’s bio will not necessarily reveal, but they are the qualities that make her an amazing advisor and someone with whom I share every success I had this application cycle. I’m so grateful. Thank you, Karen, and thank you, Spivey Consulting!


Penn Law Class of 2022! I was in shock when I got the call. Derek, I wanted to thank you for all of your help. Your writing skills are an asset alone. With your diligent notes and explanations, you endeavored to go beyond just improving my papers. Your guidance in crafting my thoughts toward the essays was invaluable in shaping my material to be the best it could. Further, you pushed me to take every essay to the next level. You ensured that every piece of the application really added value and was more than just another submission. When I submitted my applications, I was fully confident that I was putting forth the best product possible after working with you.


Tom Robinson, with his vast experience in law school admissions, cleared up much of the uncertainty that comes with being an international applicant and helped me get into Harvard. Result aside, I want to commend Tom on the process, because the value I got from his consulting goes beyond admission to my dream school.

I went into the admission cycle with a bad case of Impostor Syndrome. I had spent weeks trying to think of something significant, a uniqueness about me, that I would be proud to write about. Tom, on the other hand, with a few pleasant conversations helped me uncover many interesting — even impressive — aspects of my life. Then, with his guidance, I crafted a cohesive, compelling application that I still, to this day, would read because it fills me with pride and confidence. That confidence, the feeling that I am deserving of this incredible result, is why I am forever grateful to Tom.


Anne — I wanted to reach out and thank you for all you did during the last cycle. I’m now beginning the outlining process for finals. I found all of our communications extremely helpful, and would definitely use you again if I was going through the admissions process. You made such an impact in my admissions and were able to help me through some anxious times. I can honestly say I made the right decision for me.


As a first-generation law school applicant, I had little knowledge regarding the admissions process. Overwhelmed and in search of guidance, I contacted Spivey. From the very beginning, Rodia Vance showed enthusiasm in working with me, and she assured me that we could craft a great application; she undoubtedly followed through on this. Throughout the process, Rodia provided diligent, clear, and timely feedback that pushed me to create the most compelling application possible. In addition, her supportive demeanor was as equally invaluable as her breadth and depth of insights. She sincerely invested in my success and took the time to thoroughly address each of my qualms and questions, no matter how small.

After submitting my applications, I never had a second thought about whether my statements could have been more polished. This past cycle has been unexpectedly tough for applicants, yet, with the help of Rodia, several top schools (where I was below median) have admitted me and awarded me generous scholarships. The amount of gratitude I have for Rodia’s assistance is beyond the capacity of my words. In hindsight, I cannot fathom the amount of stress I would have endured without Rodia’s help.

K. Huff

I can’t thank Sir enough for his help and guidance throughout my law school admission process. Applying to law school as a non-traditional student almost twenty years removed from college was quite daunting to say the least. From day one working with Sir, my confidence in the potential of achieving my goals grew. His sage advice and encouragement kept me focused throughout the cycle and helped make my application experience a positive one. Sir’s editorial suggestions and proofreading helped me craft top-notch admission essays and strengthen my writing skills (which atrophied while I was out of school). Ultimately, my success rate for the 2020-21 cycle was an exceptional 100%. I received admission and scholarships from all seven of the schools I applied to, including the two reaches! I’m ecstatic about attending my first-choice law school with a considerable scholarship this fall. Thanks so much, Sir!


I am HUGELY thankful for all of Sir’s help. I’ve seriously outperformed my numbers, and my Chicago interviewer loved (and loosely quoted) my personal statement. Thank you so much for helping me develop my application. I never imagined that I’d be in SUCH an enviable position at this stage of the law school admissions cycle.


I am a client of Sarah Oline, and I wanted to send a short review saying: wow. I am SO grateful that I connected with Spivey and Sarah. I applied last year to schools and only got into a few places, and was confused about what to do. Sarah was really helpful to me as I made the decision whether to defer or reapply, and when I decided to reapply with my new LSAT score, she stood by me the entire time by offering advice, responding to my long emails with many questions, and diligently reading through all of my application pieces. I had worked with a different admissions consultant last cycle, and the difference between them and Sarah was night and day. I am 100% confident that Sarah’s advice and help led me to get into most schools that I applied to, all in the T14, and to get a full ride scholarship to the T14 that I’m now attending! I am incredibly thankful and blessed.


Anne Dutia was a tremendous help throughout the entire application process. As a splitter, Anne provided invaluable advice on how to write an effective LSAT addendum that would serve as a beneficial addition to my application. She went above and beyond by editing several drafts of my personal statement, resume, and supplemental essays. It was Anne’s expertise, thoroughness, and patience that helped me secure a scholarship to a top 10 law school. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to work with Anne, and I would not be attending my dream school in the fall if it weren’t for her knowledge and support.


Derek Meeker has made such an impact on not just my applications over the last 10 months, but also my life. The probing sessions we had early on to generate ideas for essays actually helped me learn why I truly wanted to go to law school — I feel like so many people know they want to go but can’t articulate it. I have Derek to thank for opening my mind, and I’m now more confident I’ll be starting 1L with a real sense of purpose and passion for learning the law. The methods Derek took to push me out of my comfort zone for the personal and diversity statements helped me speak with confidence and clarity in my interviews — they were just the nudges I needed to really internalize why I belonged at a top law school.

Alec D.

To all at Spivey, Thank you for providing exemplary services to law school applicants. I have had such a positive experience working with Danielle so far and am grateful that other prospective applicants will get the opportunity to work with her.


Nikki was highly professional and a source of optimism during this highly competitive cycle of elevated LSAT scores. With my excessive LSAT takes, I was very unsure if my highest (pre-flex) LSAT score would be enough to get me into my target school, Columbia Law School. Throughout the process, Nikki was an incredible extra-mile boost at every juncture of the application process. Most of my documents, including essays, resumes, and addenda, EACH received at least five (5) rounds of edits with Nikki. No matter how small my edit, question, or request, Nikki never trivialized it. She was promptly responsive with her emails, including during the weekend! I also really appreciated the fact that she consulted her peers on certain application details, which to me indicated she was willing to be resourceful to look out for her client’s best interests. Her steady communication, advice, and detailed revisions energized me with optimism as I felt I got the support I needed to maximize my chances in this admission cycle. In the end, after a fair share of acceptances, rejections and waitlists, I had gotten into my target school as my very last acceptance, letting me breathe a HUGE sigh of relief AND happiness to conclude my admissions journey. Thanks for making my goals a reality in this unprecedented admissions cycle, Nikki!

Future Columbia Law Student

Nick Everdell helped me to transfer from a part-time program to Yale Law School. Nick was fantastic every step of the way: From my initial call with him to after admission to Yale. Nick was a true professional: organized, detailed oriented, accessible and always gave invaluable and honest advice, not just what I wanted to hear. Nick genuinely cared about my success and helped me keep the ups and downs of the transfer process in perspective. Without exaggeration, working with Nick and Spivey Consulting was the best investment I have made.


My experience with Emily Allen at Spivey Consulting was exceptional. As an older applicant, I didn’t know anyone else who was applying to law school, and I often felt confused by the contradictory advice I read online. Emily worked with me on my personal statement, diversity statement, optional statements, and “Why X Law School” statements. Her guidance during this difficult and sometimes frustrating process has been priceless. From the moment we first spoke on the phone, I knew that Emily would be an amazing consultant. And I was right! Emily is a brilliant, wonderful, and thoughtful consultant and human being. I sent her so many panicked emails over the course of the six months we worked together; she answered all my questions with grace, compassion, and INCREDIBLE patience. I truly cannot recommend Emily enough to any other applicants considering Spivey Consulting! In fact, I’ll miss my weekly emails with her. Thank you so much, Emily and Spivey Consulting!


I am really grateful to Nikki this admission cycle. I had some unusual strategy ideas, and instead of offering me “official” answers, she helped me figure out the feasibility of each of my proposals. I was very nervous before the law school interview. The preparation questions and tips she sent to me were very helpful. She coached me and helped me go through the interview many times. As an international student, my situation was different from Americans, and Nikki patiently tailored her consultation to my particular situation. It has been wonderful working with Nikki and Spivey Consulting. Thank you very much!


Jenn was so helpful during my application cycle! I was impressed by her patience, accessibility, and work ethic. Her experience in law school admissions helped me to make strategic decisions that got me into my dream school, Harvard! She’s a detailed editor who made my application shine. The process was so much smoother because of Jenn, and her knowledge and passion gave me confidence at every step along the way. I would highly recommend Jenn and the Spivey Consulting Group for your law school application cycle!


Working with Shannon was an excellent experience. From a substantive perspective, Shannon’s insights helped me to fine-tune my application, ensuring that I presented a focused and impactful message across my personal statement, supplemental essays, and interviews. On an interpersonal level, meanwhile, Shannon was the consummate professional, always available to provide quick-turnaround essay feedback or hop on the phone for a conversation about application strategy.

I sought the services of a consultant because I wanted to make sure that I would be “putting my best foot forward” in the high-stress and often opaque world of law school admissions. Shannon played a key role in helping me to achieve this goal. With her help, I was accepted to schools across the T-14, and will be attending a T-5 school on a full-tuition merit scholarship this fall. Shannon’s support was invaluable, and I would highly recommend her for anyone looking to get the most out of their cycle.


I simply could not ask for a better experience than the one I had with Spivey Consulting. In particular, Jayme McKellop, who I worked with, was amazing. She made sure we worked together to truly represent who I am — my skills, interests, background, and motivations — for an end result of a cohesive application that I was proud of. Despite a below median LSAT score, I received T14 offers with scholarships and am attending the University of Michigan. Jayme’s expert background in law school admissions, her awesome sense of humor, and compassion for the stressful experience admissions can be, made her a pleasure to work with.

1L at University of Michigan Law School

I could not have gotten to where I am without Nikki. I have offers from Top 14 schools and Top 20 schools. I could have never dreamed of this when I started this process. She has been a calming and reassuring force throughout. She encouraged me to aim higher when I doubted myself. Writing my essays seemed like a monumental task, but she was able to help me construct a coherent and compelling essay piece by piece. I had so many thoughts about what I wanted to say about myself, my struggles and my achievements, but I had no idea how to put them into words. She helped me craft a story that was my own and in my own words. Before working with Nikki, I was intimidated at the thought of working with a consultant, worried that I would be judged. It felt like talking with a friend (and sometimes a counselor when I needed it!) with Nikki. I definitely recommend working with Nikki and the Spivey Consulting Group. My outcomes have exceeded my wildest dreams.


This course exceeded my expectations. Not only did I get drastically better at legal writing as the course progressed, but also I was able to use Patrick’s extensive feedback on my assignments to develop a set of personally-tailored guidelines, which I plan to use as a sort of checklist from now on when I do any legal writing. I will enter law school much more familiar and comfortable with the demands of legal writing because of this course, and I expect that to be extremely valuable.

Cameron D.

During my law school admissions cycle, I had the pleasure of working with Derek Meeker, and it was absolutely the best choice I could have made. Not only is Derek extremely knowledgeable about the law school admissions process, he is an amazing writer and editor. He coached me to elevate not only my writing but my entire application as a whole. He helped me take my very rough application, which included a character and fitness addendum, and polish it into something that highlighted all the best aspects. With Derek’s help and guidance, I earned admittance into a T10 despite having a previous conduct issue and being below both of the school’s medians. Working with Derek is absolutely the best thing you can do to ensure your application is the most compelling that it can be!


I am the first person in my family to go to law school and had no idea what I was getting myself into with the application process. I hired Spivey after seeing countless glowing reviews on every website I visited for advice. I was not disappointed. Nick was so patient, friendly, supportive, and knowledgeable throughout the entire process and especially when anxiety was getting the better of me. Nick is on your team from beginning to end and he makes you feel as if he’s in the ring fighting your challenges and reveling in your successes right along with you. Not only did I get into several top law schools, but I received very generous scholarships as well. I am happy to report that I will be attending my first choice law school, and there is no doubt in my mind that would not be true had it not been for Nick’s help! I highly recommend both Spivey Consulting and Nick Everdell.

Lauren M.

Consider yourself lucky if you get to work with Christina Williams. I began with no idea about how to approach my law school applications, but Christina was with me every step of the way, answering any and every question on my mind throughout the process. She meticulously edited each of my application materials, and was a grounding voice during a time that is inevitably fraught with anxiety and uncertainty. Perhaps even more importantly, Christina worked with me to ensure that my application told a story: my story. I was accepted to nearly all of the T14’s I applied to, and will be attending a T10 school in the fall with a huge scholarship. I have no doubt that I would not be in this position if it weren’t for Christina’s eye and advice. Indeed, choosing to use Spivey Consulting was the best investment I’ve ever made, and I urge other applicants to do the same!

Elysa D.

I wanted to say thank you to Joe Pollak for all of the help that he has given me over the past year. I believe that without his help, my application wouldn’t have made the impact that it did, and I would not have received the many offers of admission that I did. Specifically, I enjoyed all of the insight on the law admissions process that he shared and find the whole process now very interesting. I appreciate the work that Spivey does and will happily utilize their services again if I find the need to transfer in the future and have suggested their services to my friends. Thank you again for everything.


Paula — I just wanted to send you a note letting you know that I’m incredibly thankful to have your guidance and support throughout this process. I did not imagine at the start of this cycle that I would have schools which rejected me last cycle now offer me money to attend, or that I’d be riding out waitlists from two T14s. I am grateful and excited for whatever comes.


If you’re looking to make the most of your hard-earned credentials by being the best version of yourself, then working with Spivey is an excellent idea — especially if you get to work with Karen.

Insightful, helpful and unfailingly responsive, my experience of working with Karen was phenomenal from start to finish. I could write a book about how awesome it was to work with Karen, but for now I’ll just say it was the best investment I’ve ever made. Without her, I would undoubtedly not have had the happy dilemma of having to choose between so many fantastic places to study law.

John E.

My results were all possible because of Paula’s help! I remember the day last year I was on the phone with her, vacillating over whether I should take the LSAT once more or not, and I was so confused and worried about whether I would be able to make it to law school at all. I am so glad that I will be attending a good law school entirely debt free, and this is something that I hadn’t expected last year. Thank you so much to Paula for being the support throughout this journey! This cycle has turned out so favorably for me, and I think her assistance made the difference. I am so grateful.


As a splitter applicant with a few years of work experience, I knew that positioning myself properly was going to be essential. I chose Spivey after reaching out to several admissions consultants. Derek was knowledgeable, realistic, positive, supportive, organized, and insanely meticulous. He patiently walked me through every harebrained idea and my constant anxiety during an extremely competitive cycle. There are plenty of uncontrollable factors and things to agonize about as an applicant, but I never had to worry about a typo or strategy not considered in each application or school correspondence. Memorably, Derek even helped me edit a financial award reevaluation statement within the hour I sent it to him at 10PM.

Under his guidance, I was accepted and offered competitive scholarships to multiple schools across the T14. This fall, I am going to a law school that is consistently ranked as one of the five most selective schools in the nation, with a significant financial package, despite having a GPA that hovers around its bottom 25%. I am so thrilled! Working with Derek and Spivey Consulting has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.


I knew that selecting Spivey Consulting was the right choice to help me through the law school application process. But I had no idea how much value and expertise I would get from working directly with Nikki Laubenstein. Nikki literally surpassed every expectation I had in terms of the process and, most importantly, the outcome of my engagement with Spivey. Every step of the way, Nikki produced ideas and substance that I could not have arrived at on my own.

Results are truly the only way to judge one’s accomplishments, so considering that Nikki helped me gain admission and scholarships to my top three schools, I would have to say that this was mission accomplished!


I reached out to Spivey and Joe Pollak after applying to law school at the very end of the cycle and being waitlisted by every school I applied to. I had no idea how to navigate the waitlist process! Efficiently, Joe carefully reviewed my application submissions and discussed my own preferences and needs. Based on his first hand experience on the admissions side, he described to me the inner workings of the waitlist process, and in what ways I could impact schools’ decisions. We crafted a strategy for how I should engage with each school on my list from that point through the end of the waitlist process. Now armed with a clear, thoughtful, step-by-step plan I was able to confidently reach out to schools at the right times and in the right ways. Joe relieved tremendous anxiety from the process and very likely made the difference in me getting into law school this cycle!

Rising 1L at Northwestern School of Law

Thank you to Joe Pollak for all of his help. Having Joe in my corner really mitigated a lot of the anxiety around applying to law school (especially in this crazy cycle). I don’t think I’d be attending the Univeristy of Chicago at 50% tuition if not for him!


I could not have asked for a better person for guidance throughout my law school journey than Joe. Joe was very accommodative to my full time work schedule, extremely insightful as to the law school application process, and helped me get into the mindset I needed to write essays, apply for schools, and craft my own story, after having been removed from school for a few years. Any time I had questions, Joe was always responsive, and the clarity he provided from his years of experience working in law school admissions was invaluable to me. Even with a mediocre LSAT score, I received significant scholarships from several schools, and I know this would not have been possible without his help. I cannot recommend Joe enough!


Thank you for all your advice and support during the oftentimes challenging law school application process. The expertise offered by Spivey Consulting made the process much smoother and easier by making sure I had every part of the applications perfect before hitting submit. With the help of Spivey Consulting I was able to get into my goal school very early in the admission process. I would unequivocally recommend Spivey Consulting to any future law school applicants.


I wouldn’t have gotten this far without your steady hand and words of wisdom (not to mention strategic brilliance) and I think it’s important to recognize how much you’ve contributed to my success this cycle.

It’s obvious you are invested in and care about my success!

Jason R.

Working with Nikki was one of the greatest decisions I made during my admissions cycle. I was really, really stuck on my personal statement and she was able to take my scattered thoughts and help me turn them into a well-crafted, compelling essay. Nikki saved me a lot of stress, and without her, I don’t know if I would have gotten into the schools I did. Thank you so much!


I was very fortunate to work with Shannon for my entire admissions cycle. Shannon was extremely responsive and worked tirelessly with me to perfect every aspect of my application, from my personal statement to numerous supplements and school-specific essays. After I submitted my applications, Shannon’s deep insight into admissions interviews, events, and scholarship negotiation was truly invaluable. Throughout the whole process, I could always tell that Shannon had a sincere passion to help me succeed. By the end of my cycle, I secured a substantial scholarship at a top-5 law school, where I am now a student. I would not have been able to do this without Shannon’s incredible skill and expertise.

John B.

Derek, I decided to pull the trigger and commit to Harvard Law School. I am incredibly happy about my choice and can’t wait to begin my law school journey this fall. Thank you so much for all your incredible help and insight throughout the zany admissions process. Your guidance was invaluable, and I will be forever grateful to you. You not only helped me achieve a level of success I couldn’t imagine was possible but also—through your indefatigable editing and note-giving—elevated my writing ability to new heights. Both are gifts that will benefit me throughout my life. And through it all, your calm demeanor helped keep my anxiety at bay. I am so appreciative of your services.


Applying to 20+ schools this past cycle was challenging, but it would have been impossible without the help of Nikki Laubenstein at Spivey Consulting. She helped me step by step through what ended up being an 11 month long process, from reviewing the first draft of my personal statement to assisting with waitlists. I simply would’ve been unable to craft a cohesive application without her. Her help proved invaluable at various moments throughout the cycle, whether it was putting my mind at ease or assisting in scholarship negotiations. She had answers to all of my (many!) questions along the ride and helped me gain admission to a law school I’m thrilled to begin attending later this summer. I would recommend Spivey Consulting to anyone looking for an edge in the law school admissions process, or with doubts over their candidacy.


I really appreciate all the extra help that Jenn put into my application file. I also want to thank her once again for being so understanding with all the delicate information that we had to go through in order to complete my file, and for the guidance that she gave me throughout the process. I am so relieved that I chose to go forward with Spivey Consulting.

Danny L.

Just wanted to send a quick thank you for your help! I haven’t had a single ding or waitlist yet. I have been accepted at eight schools so far, and just got in to my best case scenario school… A few other applicants with similar stats to mine have already been rejected, so I can only attribute my success to my awesome essay editor (so glad I didn’t listen to the essay editing competitor person who just wanted to change a few words and knew nothing about admissions strategy!).


I wanted to thank you for setting me up to work with Jayme this cycle. She has been invaluable in helping me prepare my applications and I can say for sure that I put my best foot forward through working with her. You and your team really are the best at what you do, and I am eternally grateful that I got a chance to work with you all.

Tom S.

I had some significant defects in my applicant profile—my GPA took a nosedive from a bad semester at community college, and I needed to carefully explain why I had taken a year-long medical break from studying at my main university. Anne Dutia helped me strike the delicate balance between oversharing and giving enough information to reassure admissions committees that I wouldn’t be a risky admit. With Anne’s help, I was able to get past my weaknesses and gain admittance and scholarship offers at several of the T14s.

Anne was also incredible in helping me find the perfect personal statement topic and refine it into respectable form. I never would have thought of my topic on my own, but once we figured out what I wanted to write about, it felt like I had a calling to write my statement. All of my supplemental essays were well polished and came together in a cohesive and thoughtful application. The biggest perk of working with Anne was the peace of mind I received—I knew that my application was the best that it could be, and, no matter where I landed, there was nothing I could have done better. Fortunately, I’m now attending UVA Law School with a near 40% scholarship. I wouldn’t have received such a great offer if it hadn’t been for Anne’s expert advice.

Anne, thank you so much for being a wonderful mentor and friend. I promise to stay in touch!

Nathan G.