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Pre-L Law School Prep Classes

Law school is tough, and the stakes are high. First-year students typically spend upwards of twenty hours per week on reading alone, and grading rubrics are often vastly different from anything they've encountered before, with just one or two exams often making up the entirety of the final grade. Moreover, 1L grades are instrumental in hiring and career placement. With Pre-L, you can ensure that you’re ready to hit the ground running on day one.

Pre-L spots are limited to ensure that students receive individualized attention. Our Pre-L Bootcamp and Essentials Courses give students an introduction to the skill sets of law school. Students receive individualized coaching and feedback throughout these courses, during which they will:

  • Read actual cases
  • Watch 1L class lectures and develop a note-taking strategy
  • Learn the elements of a case brief and practice creating their own briefs
  • Read and dissect law school exams
  • Learn about and practice outlining as the way to organize and prepare for exams
  • Practice issue-spotter exam questions and receive constructive feedback

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Package Options

We offer a variety of options for students looking to prepare to perform their very best in law school.

Pre-L Bootcamp

For those who want a primer on the basics. Five hours of one-on-one instruction, including how to read a case, outlining, exam-taking strategies, and more.

1L Essentials

For those students who want a more thorough course – everything in Pre-L bootcamp, but with double the time and one-on-one instruction.

Writing Course

For those looking to get a head start on legal writing, the infamous Bluebook, briefs, memos, and more. Especially beneficial for those interested in performing as well as possible in Law Review write-on competitions.

Career Prep

For those who may not have explored the various career options and hiring paths that law school offers.

Pre-L Testimonials

"The prospect of starting law school ten years removed from undergrad was daunting in the extreme, however Rob Cacace and the Spivey Pre-L course gave me confidence in my abilities and the inside track on what to expect in 1L. Instead of wasting valuable time learning the mechanics of law school, I will now hit the ground running on day one. I heartily recommend the course to all rising 1Ls."

–Brendan H.

"I just wanted to let you know my grades came back this week: 179 (Crim) and 180 (Torts). Apparently the Torts exams were especially competitive this year, so I am particularly proud. I was also better able to apply your methods on that exam, so I think the result is indicative. There is work yet to do, but only 5 grades left until the end of 1L year! Thank you so much again for helping out. Your guidance clearly had an enormous impact on my work."


"This course exceeded my expectations. Not only did I get drastically better at legal writing as the course progressed, but also I was able to use Patrick's extensive feedback on my assignments to develop a set of personally-tailored guidelines, which I plan to use as a sort of checklist from now on when I do any legal writing. I will enter law school much more familiar and comfortable with the demands of legal writing because of this course, and I expect that to be extremely valuable."


"I am so excited right now! Just got my second semester grades back, and I went up from a 3.3 to a 3.8! I did really well on my issue spotter exams, in huge part because of what you taught me. Thank you so much!"

–Cameron D.

"It was great having your Pre-L course teach me how to brief cases, what the Socratic method is like, and how to effectively write. Now that I have started, I feel far ahead of my classmates. I think the best part was having someone to talk through things with, such as outlining and the craziness of law school."

–Will A.

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