Rankings, Analysis, and Predictive Modeling

The Spivey Consulting Group is a national leader in the strategic advising of universities and graduate schools with particular expertise in the opportunities and pitfalls associated with the U.S. News & World Report rankings. Staffed with team members from Harvard, the University of Chicago, the University of Pennsylvania, Vanderbilt, and many more, Spivey Consulting is uniquely positioned to counsel universities and schools on ways to strengthen their administrative performance, to launch high-impact strategic initiatives, and to secure and deploy philanthropic and University investments to enhance institutional stature and rankings. Our track record is unrivaled: By way of example, three of our most recent clients increased a combined 30 places in last year’s USNWR rankings alone, after incorporating our strategic advice.

Spivey Consulting Group takes a holistic approach to our work with schools. Put simply, rankings movement that does not correlate with the high-quality work and institutional improvements that are happening at the school is never sustainable. We work with schools to improve their functions and to ensure that their hard and innovative work is recognized in rankings reporting.

Many law schools and universities fundamentally misunderstand rankings. They believe that the metrics they are shown are either out of their control or can only be unethically manipulated or gamed. Neither is true. Through data analysis and organizational assessment, institutional and departmental operations can be upgraded and improved—resulting in gains both in quality and ranking metrics.

Similarly, most admissions offices have only limited resources to develop true predictive models for future applicant volumes and yield that are needed in these times of increased competition and shrinking demographics. Through data analysis of both the marketplace and the school, effective and accurate predictive models can be designed to ensure effective admissions cycles and improvements in quality measures.

We do both.

Recognizing that universities, colleges and graduate schools have diverse objectives—ranging from educating their students, to participating in interdisciplinary University initiatives, to maintaining their accreditation status—SCG does not seek to emphasize rankings to the exclusion of everything else. Instead, our goal is to help our clients strengthen their institutional stature by improving their administration and operations, and implementing strategic initiatives that are feasible and have significant impact.

YearRankOverall Raw ScoreYOY Ranking DeltaTotal Ranking Delta
USNWR Rankings, University of Florida Levin College of Law (consulted August of 2015)
We were told that Spivey Consulting is by far the best in the industry, and because of their reputation, fair pricing, and recommendations from the previous schools they had worked with, our contract was approved by both the law school and central university within 24 hours.
Dean of a law school