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Speaking at Your School

We have spoken at over one hundred colleges and universities, including Princeton, Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Cornell, Berkeley, Vanderbilt, Rice, UVA, UT-Dallas, SMU, Johns Hopkins, Penn, Columbia, NYU, Georgetown, and Maryland — among many others. Our presentations can be given in-person or virtually and can cover a range of subject matter depending on what is most relevant for your group.

Speaking Testimonials

"Mike Spivey and Karen Buttenbaum visited Rice last year and drew a full-house from our prelaw society. We were absolutely floored by some of the inside secrets to admissions they shared, and the myths (that many of us were following) that they debunked. For months our members were talking about how attending this talk was the most important single thing that they did during the entire application."

–Angela Guo, Former President Rice Alpha Delta & Stanford Law Graduate

"Derek Meeker spoke to the Pre-Law Society members at UCLA last spring. Derek catered the event to meet the specific needs of our members and stayed over an hour past the scheduled time to finish answering all individual follow-up questions. As an officer of the Pre-Law Society, I truly felt that Derek was invested in helping each member present succeed in the application process. In fact, I know Derek’s advice helped me secure a 1L spot at Berkeley Law."

–C. Chavez, UCLA

"Mr. Spivey visited us at Stanford University to give a talk about the law school application process. As chair of the Stanford Native American Pre-Law group, I have hosted a number of speakers and admissions officers, and Mr. Spivey’s speech stands out as one of the most interesting and useful talks I have attended. He combines his university insider perspective with his admissions consultant experience, striking a balance that is hard to find. The information he presented was invaluable, and I highly recommend Mr. Spivey as a speaker at your school."

–Aharon K., Stanford

We would love to visit (or revisit) your school! Just email us at to get started.

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