21 Mar 2013

Not so top 10 -- Mistakes the applicants for the class of 2016 are making.

I correspond with applicants numerous times every day — with clients, friends of friends, via email, in private message [], twitter, one even sent me a postcard from China. Over time I have noticed some trends: namely that these people are really savvy about the state of the legal employment market, technologically much more sophisticated than I am, are pretty realistic that their legal career begins *now (*and not upon entry to or graduation from

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13 Feb 2013

Why a handshake matters (more than you may think)

Study after study suggest that first impressions matter; indeed in terms of creating a lasting impression they matter more than anything else. An equal body of research often suggest that once made, first impressions are exceptionally difficult to change. You are going to be remembered from the first few minutes of your initial encounter–the question is “how do you want to be remembered?” Think deeply, then, on the handshake. It is one of the few things that in entirely gender, race/ethnicity a

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17 Jan 2013

Focus. Why it matters so much and how you get it

Watching the National Championship college football game last week, you heard the same thing about Saban (with about the level of repetitiousness that Brett Musberger used the word “Honeybadger” in last year’s tilt) time and time again. Saban is focused. If you read about the workplace legacy of Steve Jobs, this exact trait sits at the forefront. Jobs asked his employees to be focused. This trait rings true for almost all highly successful people–they have the ability to stay on focus. But what

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03 Dec 2012

Help! I've been Waitlisted and I can't get up [off the waitlist]

The majority of law school applicants will be waitlisted somewhere this year and, at many schools, upwards of 50% (or more) of the matriculates will be from the waitlist. Now is the time such WLing is starting to happen, which means now (and through August) is when I am getting a great deal of emails and calls about the waitlist. This blog post is not near all-compassing re: what to do if WLed,  but I do want to share a few words of encouragement.  The first comes from the above. Simply keep in

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31 Oct 2012

Interview advice from Fortune 50 Hiring Authority

Our first guest blog comes from a hiring authority at a Fortune 50 company. This is great advice, enjoy and dig in! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interviewing is a strange skill requirement. You’ll use it very few times in your life, but, when you do, it’s extremely important as it definitely determines whether you’ll make it past the interviewing person with a ‘yes.’ Fortunately it has residual value. Probably, at some point in your career,

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17 Sep 2012

What you can learn from the 2012 Presidential Election

I live in a swing state, which means that I am constantly getting emails from both the Obama and Romney campaigns. Political platforms aside, what these emails wildly have in common is this important nugget for job search emails: They are always exceptionally concise. More so than law firms, corporations, foundations, and any other entity I know of, political campaign managers use research to dictate their message. This speech from the movie The Adjustment Bureau is not hyperbolic: http://www

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14 Aug 2012

Your Legal Future in 5 minutes

A dean of a law school told me once that he could tell who would win a moot court competition within 5 minutes of the arrival of the competitors – before the competition even started. His postulation, developed over years of experience at this competition, was that the winning team was always the team that really wanted to be there. Not the most prepared, not the most talented or from the “best” school, but simply the team that was enjoying the process. Similarly, after years of counseling st

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