29 Apr 2024

Podcast: Work Experience, Admissions Strategy, & Legal Employment—What You Need to Know

In this episode of Status Check with Spivey, we discuss growing importance of work experience in admissions, why the impact of being a "KJD" has increased over time, and—importantly—how work experience (or a lack thereof) plays out during law school and in the search for legal employment.

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21 Mar 2024

Law School "Gap Years," Work Experience, & Admissions Strategy

For several years now, the focus of law school admissions offices has been trending more and more toward employability. What does this mean for law school admissions strategy?

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07 Apr 2023

Two Podcasts! How to Get a Job Out of Law School + Legal Hiring Tips from an Expert

Two episodes of Status Check with Spivey! In the first, Mike offers advice for getting a job out of law school from his time as a Dean of Career Services during the great recession. In the second, he interviews a top legal recruiter, Kate Reder Sheikh.

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09 Sep 2022

Podcast: The One Biggest Piece of Advice for New Lawyers from Bill Eddy, JD/Therapist

In this episode of Status Check with Spivey, Mike interviews Bill Eddy, an award-winning mediator, attorney, author, and therapist who developed "high conflict personality theory" and is an expert in dealing with high conflict people in the practice of law.

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12 Jul 2022

Summer Internship Skills Part 2 of 2: Writing

Employers and clients value a lawyer who can succinctly and informally explain a legal issue or communicate effectively by email, and those are skills that (probably) will not be covered in your first year of law school.

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12 Jul 2022

Summer Internship Skills Part 1 of 2: Networking

You have probably heard before that networking is crucial in this day and age. The lawyers who have the most success in law firms are the “rainmakers,” those who bring in new clients and new business, and the lawyers who have the most success finding new clients are also masterful networkers.

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21 Aug 2021

Podcast: Interview with Author on Resilience & Former Biglaw Hiring Partner Clint Schumacher

In this podcast, Mike interviews Clint Schumacher — author, podcaster, and former biglaw hiring partner — on resilience in the legal profession, imposter syndrome in law school, what hiring partners look for in applicants, and more.

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17 Mar 2021

Podcast: Interview with a Biglaw Partner (Jeff Chapman, Gibson Dunn Co-Chair of Global M&A)

In this podcast, Mike interviews Jeff Chapman: Partner, Co-Chair of Global Mergers and Acquisitions, and Executive Committee Member at Gibson Dunn.

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14 Jan 2021

What Law School Doesn’t Teach You

Law school, you may have heard, trains you to “think like a lawyer.” What does it mean to think like a lawyer?

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11 Jun 2020

Podcast: Recession Job Search Tips You Won’t Hear from Career Services

Mike Spivey served as a law school dean of career services during the Great Recession, and in this podcast he shares actionable advice for legal networking that you won't hear from your CSO.

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