12 Dec 2022

3 Tips for 1L Success (+ Opening Pre-L Course Registration)

We get asked a lot for advice on how to get ready for law school, so we’ve asked the Pre-L coaches on our team to share a few habits and mindsets to adopt to succeed as a 1L.

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15 Dec 2020

Prepare for 1L with Our One-on-One Pre-L Classes

To help get a jumpstart on what law school actually entails and on 1L preparation, we are launching our seventh year of Pre-L packages for applicants starting next Fall.

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21 Jun 2018

Time Management, Self-Care, and Motivation

By Nikki Laubenstein, Senior Consultant at the Spivey Consulting Group Whether you’ve determined which law school you’ll be attending in the fall or are still finalizing that decision, it’s likely that you are feeling a bit anxious, overwhelmed, or unsure of what to expect once orientation and classes begin in August. You’ve focused a lot of your time and energy up until now on honing your logic, analytical reasoning, and writing skills, so now let’s talk about a few other skills that will help

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27 May 2017

Admissions Consulting and Pre-L Capacity/New Hires

A few Spivey Consulting announcements regarding our programs. Admissions Consulting For law school admissions [], we have been taking on more clients, earlier, than any previous cycle and at least two of our consultants are nearly maxed out. Because of this, we have made two exciting moves. Jenn Kopolow, who was with us part time, has joined Spivey Consulting full time. Jenn has experience as both a legal writing professor and admissions d

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07 Mar 2017

Now accepting spots for our Pre-L Program

Job well done on getting into law school. Guess what? The challenge has just begun — are you ready to excel as a 1L? First-year grades can play a critical role in recruiting for many jobs. Be sure that your Pre-L is as productive as possible. Spivey Consulting Group offers one-on-one intensive training to prepare you for the rigors of 1L. Our coaches all have teaching experience at top law schools and have designed a course to ready you for the challenges of 1L: critical reading of cases, brief

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10 Aug 2015

You Can Reserve Pre-L Courses for this 2016 Now!

Last year we almost immediately filled up our one-on-one Pre-Law courses [], which help 0Ls get a jump-start on the all important 1L year. Don’t wait until they are full, you can reserve your spot now by emailing Rob Cacace at Need more encouragement? We just got the below: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Mike, ***Just wanted to follow up with everything, only 2 weeks left u

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31 Aug 2013

Advice From Recent Law School Graduate

Many thanks to this recent graduate from Fordham Law for sending me this email for a blog article! Want to blow off some steam? Write a blog, send it my way, and I will likely publish it! In fact this is the third time it’s happened and I’d like to keep the streak going. 5 Things I Learned About in Law School 1. Don’t get down on yourself:  If you are attending law school right now, you have every reason to be proud of yourself.  It was not an easy process to get into law school — you

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02 Jul 2013

5 Pieces of Advice From a Recent 1L

A rising 2L was kind enough to submit this piece of advice for everyone heading to Law School. It is both humorous and credited — and much appreciated. Feel free to submit your advice to us at If it is good, it’ll be on here (…and then up on the top of your resume too). Five observations from a 1L #5: There is such a thing as too much Chipotle. Crafty universities have used the free lunch for decades to keep students from rioting over tuition. Law School is no diffe

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