24 Sep 2013

Testimonial — Justin Ishbia, Managing Partner Shore Capital Partners

“As the Founding and Managing Partner at Shore Capital Partners, I have gone to Mike for hiring needs. More importantly, as a former law school applicant I relied heavily on his counsel and guidance throughout the application and law school selection process. It is a no-brainer that utilizing his advice will help get you where you want to be. Investing in Mike Spivey’s services is a value stock that will pay off for life. It did for me.” — Justin Ishbia, Managing Partner Shore Capital Partners

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15 Aug 2013

It works!

It was wonderful to see this in my inbox today (names/school redacted) “Thanks so much for your help and for sharing your thoughts! I should mention that I really respect your commitment to add more data and transparency to this process, and your desire to improve the ethics of the current system.Also, just a little note, that I saw someone’s question posed to you online, “what can I do so late in process to get off the waitlist?” to which you suggested, “why not give them a call.” My experienc

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31 Mar 2013

A testimonial from a great client who talks about overcoming lower LSATs than the schools he applied to

“When my LSAT score wasn’t up to par with some of the schools I planned on applying to, more work needed to go into the remainder of my application, which is where Mike Spivey was able to greatly assist.  Through his consulting I was able to gain an impactful edge and an insider’s perspective that helped to successfully set me apart from other applicants.  Without Mike’s expertise I don’t believe my entire application would have been nearly as effective as it proved to be with some of the school

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08 Mar 2013

March 27th: Vanderbilt University

Testimonial from a student at the event received 4/17/2013: “I had another engagement the same time as Mike Spivey’s talk at Vanderbilt, and didn’t originally plan on going. Man, am I glad I did. His breakdown of the law school application process provides a truly valuable insider’s perspective on today’s law school admissions game.” -Mike B.

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20 Sep 2012

An unsolicited testimonial from most recent blog article. It works!

"That was a good blog post. In my practice, we are constantly balancing concision with completeness in an effort to get quick, accurate responses to queries for needed information." — John Schachter + Associates, Inc http://www.johnschachter.com/

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