11 Apr 2016


This webinar will be hosted by BARBRI and attended by: * Sarah Zearfoss, Dean of Admissions, University of Michigan School of Law * Maria Rivera, Assistant Dean of Admissions, University of Texas School of Law * Mike Spivey, The Spivey Consulting Group Join us by signing up, here. It's FREE! https://event.on24.com/eventRegistration/EventLobbyServlet?target=reg20.jsp&referrer=&eventid=1162511&sessionid=1&key=AF23D009FACE49E91EAAE1CEC3568E3A®Tag=&sourcepage=register [

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03 Apr 2016

Underwhelmed with your results at elite schools? Read Below

Here is what is (barring C&F and sloppy application factors) happening. For the first time in 6 years, schools at the top have an almost categorical uptick in applications, and many are being overly gleeful and selective. But if you look at the raw numbers versus percentages — there are still going to be more losers than winners for law schools where the highly coveted applicants attend, and many schools will have to scramble later. It will just take longer than before. Stay in touch with said

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16 Mar 2016

1 Hour of Free Waitlist Advice!

Karen Buttenbaum and Mike Spivey answer questions for an hour on how to best position yourself to get admitted off of the waitlist, hosted by 7Sage. https://t.co/redirect?url=https%3A%2F%2Ft.co%2FtyftsXWSQ0%3Fcn%3DbWVudGlvbg%253D%253D&t=1&cn=bWVudGlvbg%3D%3D&sig=0129dbdbe0389d5a9fead0fc489cbc269eefb322&iid=6cf0579837c64c158e6c051d8089408b&uid=733502143&nid=4+1268 [https://t.co/redirect?url=https%3A%2F%2Ft.co%2FtyftsXWSQ0%3Fcn%3DbWVudGlvbg%253D%253D&t=1&cn=bWVudGlvbg%3D%3D&sig=0129dbdbe0389d5a9f

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15 Mar 2016

Guest Blog from a Wait List Success Story

Were you waitlisted at one of your top choice law schools? Was it one of your reach schools? If so, congratulations! This is wonderful news. Most borderline candidates view being waitlisted as neutral or even bad news—which is absolutely the wrong way to think about it! If you’re patient and continue to follow up with the school, you could reap enormous rewards just a few months later. I learned this from my experience applying to law schools years ago as a low GPA high LSAT splitter. In this po

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18 May 2015

Coming This Summer: Waitlist Movement

A question we get asked a lot these days is “will there be more waitlist activity this summer than in recent years?” It is, of course, a pertinent question for the vast majority of law school applicants because most applicants will be waitlisted at least somewhere. While there is no definitive answer yet, data from this cycle and historical trends give us at least one theory. And “the new norm” of law admissions leads to another. Let’s take a look at both. **Theory 1: The dominoes will fall. **

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10 May 2015

Know Your Waitlist Movement Dates (Part I)

Wouldn’t it be awesome to know when schools will look to take applicants off of the waitlist? You could hold off on the status checker for a few days/weeks (remember, a few years ago someone checked their GULC status checker more than 1200 in one day!) Even better, you could reach out to the school about your interest right around when they will be looking at taking people. If only we knew… …wait, we do know! May 15th marks the first Seat Deposit Overlap Report. Among others things (eg: “hey yo

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10 Jan 2015

Applicant Question: "When a law school Defers/WL's someone well below the medians but has great softs, is this a polite way to reject them?"

Highly likely it’s not. Unless the applicant is some form of “special interest,” meaning that they have people who are donors interested in their admission, connections to the law school itself, etc. you really wouldn’t defer someone just to intentionally deny them later. That isn’t doing either you or them any favors. Rather, you defer them to see how your numbers look throughout the entirety of the cycle. At some point almost every school, including T3, will say “our medians look like x and z

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18 Nov 2013

Pressure Points in Contacting Admissions: Professional Persistence versus Pestering?

The hardest part of the admissions cycle is the wait. For many it is worse than logic games, worse than filling out applications, dropdown boxes, questions that you have to answer that you should not have to (e.g. has anyone influenced your decision to attend our law school, yes or yes?), etc. The wait only gets intensified when others start hearing from your dream school and you are, well, waiting. What is more, if you are applying to law school you are likely a proactive person. You WANT to b

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