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03 Apr 2013
31 Mar 2013
31 Mar 2013
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21 Mar 2013
16 Feb 2013

U.S. News Rankings (with +/-) from 2012/2013

Here is a look at last year’s rankings, with who moved up and down, in anticipation of the upcoming rankings release.

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13 Feb 2013

Why a Handshake Matters (more than you may think)

Study after study suggests that first impressions matter; indeed, in terms of creating a lasting impression, they matter more than anything else. You are going to be remembered from the first few minutes of your initial encounter—the question is, how do you want to be remembered?

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26 Jan 2013

By Popular Demand: The Entire Major/LSAT List

There was a good deal of interest in the LSAT by undergraduate major list, so I thought I would share it in its entirety.

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19 Jan 2013

Top 5 and Bottom 5 College Majors by Average LSAT Score

Ever wonder which majors do best on the LSAT? The folks at Legal Blog Watch (and LSAC for many years) have, and offer the following data.

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17 Jan 2013

Focus: Why It Matters So Much (& How You Get It)

This trait rings true for almost all highly successful people—they have the ability to stay on focus. But what is focus, and how can it help for a law school applicant or job seeker?

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31 Oct 2012
30 Oct 2012

Partnership with Pro Bono U Announcement

Spivey Consulting Group is pleased to partner with Pro Bono U.

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18 Oct 2012

Why does Spivey Consulting turn away clients?

I’ve had to turn away a good number of clients, and I have tried very hard to explain to each why that is. It strikes me as a good idea to outline this policy a bit here.

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15 Oct 2012

My Top 5 Favorite Colleges I Have Visited

For no reason at all, I am going to dish out my favorite colleges from the many years I was paid to visit colleges.

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02 Oct 2012

Upcoming Events and Speaking Engagements

Upcoming speaking engagements and events!

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20 Sep 2012

An unsolicited testimonial from most recent blog article. It works!

"That was a good blog post. In my practice, we are constantly balancing concision with completeness in an effort to get quick, accurate responses to queries for needed information."

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17 Sep 2012

What you can learn from the 2012 Presidential Election

I live in a swing state, which means that I am constantly getting emails from both the Obama and Romney campaigns. Political platforms aside, what these emails tend to have in common is this important nugget for job search emails.

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